11 Zoho Connect Alternatives – Top Best Alternatives (2023)

#1 Plek


Plek is a comprehensive community and collaboration platform that is designed for SMBs and large enterprises and offers a social intranet, member portal, and secure knowledge-sharing platform. It is an all-in-one solution that provides complete incorporating profiles, groups, posts, and communication as well as news and document management functionalities all these things make it a user-friendly community solution. Also, the software is available as a native mobile app on iOS and Android, where users can collaborate on the go.

Plek is uniquely designed to encourage productive collaboration and equips users with different communicative features that make it better than others. With the help of this collaboration software, users can also be able to quickly post group messages with images, videos, or documents directly or chat one-to-one.

There is also has a feature that allows users to manage communication efficiently by creating their social profile. Besides individual profiles, users can open or closed groups within which members can share content, updates, and comments.

While its global search technology allows users to locate profiles, documents or posts quickly as well as Plek’s calendar feature allows users to plan a group or public events without any limitation that makes it better than others. Plek also includes core features such as membership management, chat functionality, document indexing, document management, content management, drag, and drop interface and personalized profile, etc.

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#2 Honeycommb


Honeycommb is a web-based social networking platform designed to help creators, businesses, influencers, and communities to manage customer interaction and brand visibility on several sites. It is a white-label solution that enables users to incorporate their trademarks and color themes across unlimited assets within the business.

As compared to all the other similar platforms, it is quite impressive and powerful as well as offers lots of new features that make it better than others such as blogs, advertising management, media library, chat, social media integrations, and more. It’s home feed module enables enterprises to display curated content such as accounts and profiles that facilitate customization of the main page according to customer requirements.

Honeycomb’s control center aid manages all aspects of the community through several elements, including a content management system, moderation, user roles, and more. One of the best fact about this platform is that it comes with a tool that allows users to build key businesses accounts to engage with new members and enhance their experience of the services that is an offer by the firm. Unlike most of the leading platforms, it also offers complete email management with several 3rd-party integrations that make it more powerful and feature-rich.

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#3 Talkspirit


Talkspirit is an all-in-one communication and social networking platform designed to connect all of your office locations, departments, groups, and individuals, and deliver them with a modern collaborative environment.

The solution is specially designed to simplify communication that enables you and your team to easily discuss projects, share new ideas, and work together to achieve your goals. It also allows users to directly communicate and collaborate across the organization that intends to get everyone involved, from the ground players all the way to top management level.

Instead of keeping details locked-up in email inboxes, Talkspirit creates a setting in which new details are nicely sorted in threats and always available for everyone. A compared to all the other similar platforms, it is quite simple and comes with some new tools that automate a variety of tasks.

There is also has rich customization that allows you to change the theme and apply a variety of colors that suit your organization. Talkspirit also includes core features such as create post and polls, content management, advanced admin rights, unlimited videos, images and file storage, and both desktop and mobile application, etc.

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#4 NiceJob


NiceJob is a feature-rich reputation management solution designed to help businesses with collecting more and better quality reviews, marketing across social networks, and enhance SEO ranking. This reputation management solution comes to help businesses of any all sizes to improve their online reputation and deliver tools, including such as review invitations, automated email and SMS follow-ups, stories and SEO management, etc.

Unlike most of the leading similar reputation management, NiceJob also assists users in getting more reviews with images and email invitations to customers. Automated follow-ups can be sent to encourage customers to leave feedback after their experience that help multiple reviews across several platforms. In contrast, the intelligent review funnel filters out all the negative reviews.

With the help of this, users can create stories based on examples of customer experiences with images, comments, and attached files that act as a marketing tool across social platforms. There is also has a feature that allows users to share stories across social media accounts to boost the brand image and gain greater reach and visibility to their connections. NiceJob also enables users to create and publish a continuous stream of keyword-rich content, from stories and feedback to the business site, to enhance search engine results.

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#5 Idloom-wall


Idloom-wall is an online social intranet software solution designed to help medium to large businesses manage and share information and knowledge across the team. This centralized platform allows administrators to create separate communities and user groups for each project, department, or geographical site and provide specific members access.

Idloom-wall is uniquely created by an expert team and contains all the core services and features to produce a fully feature-rich social platform where members can get multimedia sharing, event organization privacy settings, and knowledge management.

Unlike most of the leading solutions, it also comes with personalized walls that allow members to view activities and access the latest details posted in a group that helps keep everyone updated on important events. It also will enable businesses to use collaboration tools to work with multiple co-workers on the same content and track changes in its history section.

One of the most exciting facts about Idloom-wall is that it offers multi-channel publishing capabilities that allow users to publish content across blogs, social media platforms, and newsletters. Its other prominent feature includes content management, media library, drag and drop, user profile, share multimedia and event organization, etc.

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#6 Bonfire


Bonfire is a unique online fundraising software solution that allows all size of nonprofit organizations to promote their mission and raise money by selling custom t-shirts and items to supporters online. It is a fun tool that offers all the core services and features.

The best thing about this software is that it can do this without paying an upfront fee and worrying about complicated inventory procedures. This fundraising solution can mostly be used by nonprofit businesses that collect donations and raise funds for causes to save the environment and advocate the interests of grassroots communities. The software also enables organizations to create designs for their items that they are going to sell using its free online shirt design tool.

Another most interesting fact about this tool is that it has an option to upload their designs into the platform and directly share them with others. Once they can sell the minimum quantity of items that they required for printing, items are printed and shipped to the people who ordered them.

Bonfire offers rich online payment options that make it better than others. It also includes core features such as attach a fund page link to email, a simple interface, customize the fund page, create own design, etc.

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#7 ONEsite


ONEsite is an enterprise-level social media platform designed for professionals, businesses, and organizations in healthcare, education and gaming industry, etc. The platform is described as an enterprise community solution that is quite user-friendly, extensible, and customizable.

It comes to help users built, expand, and extend their site so they will be able to create and grow online communities and social platforms quickly and to better interact with their customers and clients. ONEsite also helps users make logging in and registering to their site easier.

There is also has features that allow website users to connect with another member, liking, commenting, and share your content with others just like Facebook and all the other similar sites. The platform offers a massive range of user-generated content tools that allow users to create a form, Q&A, and surveys that save a lot of time and cost.

The best fact about ONEsite is that it offers an identity management solution that allows website owners to quickly access new registration from different social platforms and online services. It comes as their users can log in or register to their site using its existing account from these platforms and services. ONEsite also includes core features such as REST API, SDK tools, content creation, single sign-on, bookmarks, community user and groups, review, rating and tagging, domain registration and live chat sharing, etc.

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#8 Tribe


The tribe is a cloud-based community platform specially designed to help businesses of all sizes build their modern online communities where members can easily connect under their brand. It is a comprehensive solution that allows users to easily create a fully-feature-rich community where members can easily explore, follow, ask questions, and start communication as well as like, comment, and share posts.

The program offers a white label solution that enables users to adapt the design to fit their brand and developers it to integrate with their websites. It also allows users to add their site header, footer to blend is seamless with their website navigation that makes it more interesting.

Tribe allows users to sign up using established platforms, including LinkedIn, Google, and Facebook, etc. Leverage integration with a 3rd-party app to automate the process and new functionalities, including polls, Q&A, and events.

Its personalized feed feature allows users to follow the people, topics, or questions that matter to them most. Tribe other features include access control, performance monitoring, API, AI, content management, share content, custom domain, and social media tagging, etc.

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#9 Pertino


(Video) Fountain Review - Top Features, Pros & Cons, and Alternatives

Pertino is a service provider that offers real-time agility and nonstop reliability to unlock the power of LTE and 5G cellular networks. It helps users to connect their fixed and temporary sites and field forces anywhere securely to their network. The NetCloud service of the platform offers wireless edge routers that help the users to connect with each other anywhere.

It delivers nonstop WAN availability offers wireless optimized software networking and dual modems, which provides reliability across one or more cellular networks. It provides everything to users such as speed, security, and manageability to deploy wireless WAN instead of wired networks.

Pertino comes with security services that offer secure internet access, web filtering, threat detection, etc. It also offers Endpoint services that contain enterprise-class routing, VPN connectivity, and SD-WAN traffic control. Lastly, it provides 5G services with wireless flexibility that brings innovations in the existing applications.

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#10 Ning for Businesses


Ning for Businesses is a social website software solution that provides users with tools to create and control their social platform. It is a comprehensive solution and designed by an expert team that contains all the core services and features.

With its drag and drop interface, users can easily edit, design, and customize their website and add their content without any limitations. The platform also offers blogs, forums, events, and customize member profiles that make it a comprehensive solution.

There is also a comprehensive email management and community management system that helps you efficiently manage your audience to grow their community. Ning for Businesses app also includes some core features such as content management, custom CSS and JavaScript, real-time update, template management, online forum, and file management, etc.

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#11 Socious


Socious is a platform that focuses on membership management system and helps businesses in providing effective customer relationship and engagement services. The platform allows businesses to keep their customers and employees engaged by providing them benefits and rewards. It allows companies to increase their sales through their customers, who act as their advocates.

Socious has an online customer community that helps marketers to engage new people and work on their leads by converting them into their potential customers. Moreover, through this platform, brands can award their customers with various discounts and coupons to earn their loyalty.

Socious enables users to get useful data from the feedback and surveys which they conduct through their customers to make a better and informed decision in the future. Lastly, it helps businesses to keep their customers coming back with great onboarding experience and allow users to keep communicating with their customers for keeping them engaged.

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