20 Gorgeous Photos Of Bora Bora Taken By Real Tourists (2023)

Bora Bora is a world-famous romantic destination in French Polynesia. It boasts one of the most beautiful sandy beaches on the planet. Its small size guarantees visitors to get a good rest from the hustle and bustle of the stressful everyday life.

Bora Bora is so far from the rest of the world that time does not seem to matter, and neither do any ordinary worries. But for a lot of us, the only way to see a glimpse of this very private vacation spot is to browse photos that visitors are more than happy to share online.

Formed by an ancient volcanic eruption, Bora Bora's distinct geography makes it one of the most photogenic spots in the southern hemisphere. Here are 20 photos that real tourists took in Bora Bora.

20 Welcome to Bora Bora, Paradise In French Polynesia

Bora Bora welcomes mostly lovebirds who seek solitude and privacy. There are only approximately 9,000 local residents on the island. It is quite hard to get to the island, making it one of the most exclusive and consequently romantic destinations in the world.

19 A Breakfast With A View That Is Out Of This World

Everyone knows about the overwater bungalows on Bora Bora – and we all have serious travel-envy looking at photos taken there. Bungalows of this type were first built around 50 years ago. Just imagine eating a tropical breakfast with a view like that – not to mention the pool.

18 Vaitape Is The Biggest Settlement On The Island

Around half the population of Bora Bora lives in Vaitape. This is where the ferries dock, airplanes land, and people have their first contact with the island. It’s also where people do their grocery shopping. During WWII, it was a military airbase.

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17 Bora Bora Offers World-Class Snorkeling

Bora Bora is teeming with snorkeling tours that show guests the diverse marine life. Besides stingrays, people encounter manta rays, tropical fish and even sharks. The coral reef there is not as badly damaged as the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

16 Speeding Around On A Jet Ski Is A Must While Vacationing On Bora Bora

Jet skiing is a fun water activity, enjoyed especially by those who like a good adrenaline rush. Many seem to forget, however, that jet skis have a negative effect on the environment. They are loud and they leak chemicals that kill mussels and sea urchins, along with other sea creatures.

15 There Is Much More To Bora Bora Than The Beach And The Ocean

Bora Bora is much more than just the bungalows on the beach and palm trees. There are three main villages on the island and there is even some public transportation available between them. People also marvel at the famous Otemanu mountain, the island’s extinct volcano.

14 It Is Hard To Believe That This Is Photo Is Real

Many bungalows feature a glass floor, possibly one of the most luxurious features of such residences. It is hard to say which view is better: the one through the window or the one through the glass floor. In the case of the photo above, it is definitely the latter.


13 It Seems To Be Impossible To Snap A Bad Photo On Bora Bora

White sandy beaches, cloudless blue skies, majestic palm trees, and a vast ocean, all photos might feature the same elements, but all of them are equally stunning. The lucky few who travel to Bora Bora probably find it very hard to put down their cameras.

12 Flowers Are A Big Part Of The Bora Bora Culture

People in Bora Bora have a thing for flowers, and if you're lucky enough to stay here, you'll find them everywhere. From your breakfast tray to your spa tub, you'll find luxurious frangipani flowers in leis and crowns all over the island. But be careful where you wear yours– behind your right ear means you're single and ready to mingle!

11 Riding At Your Own Pace Might Be More Exciting Than Booking A Tour

Bora Bora might be small, but that doesn’t mean it does not have much to offer. Island life is slow and tranquil so it is best to take your time and explore it at your own pace. There is no rush when you are in the middle of the Pacific.

10 Bora Bora Is Often Called Romantic Island

It is no surprise that Bora Bora is famous for being one of the most romantic spots on our planet. Unfortunately, it is not easy to reach or afford vacationing there. It is a once in a lifetime experience, but most honeymooners still choose to be romantic elsewhere.

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9 The Island Was Uninhabited For A Really Long Time

The first people to set foot on this remote jewel were Polynesians in the 3rd century. European explorers set out to claim French Polynesia in the 18th century and tried to eliminate Polynesian culture. But the locals never forgot the dancing and traditional music – something that they still enjoy today.

8 Keeping Up With Your Daily Exercise Routine Shouldn't Be Too Hard Here

Vacationing or not, it is good to have a daily routine. In a tropical paradise like Bora Bora, it is mandatory to go out and start moving. A healthy lifestyle is intertwined with the way of life on the island. Just imagine taking a refreshing dip after a jog.

7 A Big Part Of The Bora Bora Culture Is Tattoos

Tattoo culture, observed on Bora Bora, is a part of the Tahitian culture. The missionaries of the past banned this beautiful art form, but it has since re-gained respect. Tattoos are by no means a taboo – they tell a story of who you are and what you value in life.

6 How About Getting Married In Paradise

Getting married on Bora Bora is a dream of countless couples around the globe, but sadly, most cannot afford a destination wedding of this sort. Those who do like to include some aspects of the Tahitian wedding on their special day, such as using the conch shell to call spirits.

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5 The Island Was Originally Called Pora Pora

It’s pretty funny that this expensive destination is actually called Pora Pora in Tahitian. When the English first came to the island, they simply misunderstood the name and called it Bora Bora. The B sound doesn’t even exist in Tahitian. Pora Pora means ‘the firstborn.’

4 Catch A Breeze And A Sunset While Sailing

Some like to arrive in Bora Bora on a yacht or a sailboat. The journey begins on the equally beautiful island of Tahiti and it takes approximately two weeks to reach Bora Bora. Polynesia is one of those corners of the world that most never get to see.

3 Bora Bora Is Not Just For Couples, It Is An Amazing Destination To Visit With Your Friends

Many are under the impression that Bora Bora is a destination suited only for those in love. It is a stereotype that holds true for most of its annual visitors, but Bora Bora is an amazing destination for friends as well. After all, we should cherish friends just the same.

2 The Water Is Crystal Clear And (Almost Always) Calm

There are two seasons in Bora Bora, summer and winter. Most tourists come between June and August. During the low season, it is slightly rainier and windier, but less busy and more affordable. The differences are honestly not that dramatic, which makes Bora Bora a great destination all year round.

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1 We Rest Our Case: Bora Bora Is Stunning

These 20 photos have hopefully proven that Bora Bora is a place like no other and that there is probably not a person in this world who wouldn’t want to visit. Its dreamy beaches, perpetually calm ocean, adorable size, and remoteness justify its reputation as the ultimate romantic vacation spot.


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