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Becoming a NetSuite consultant can be an excellent career option however there are some important aspects to consider prior to pursuing it. This includes salary as well as qualifications and stress levels. Below, we’ll look at the most important factors to consider for becoming a NetSuite consultant. There are numerous other opportunities for consultants to work. Read on to learn more about the job description, qualification, and salary expectations. Find out the length of time you’ll work at NetSuite.

Job description

As a NetSuite consultant You’ll collaborate with the sales team and the end users of the company to set up the application as well as customize it and develop support procedures. You’ll also be responsible for conducting user training sessions and gathering business requirements. A NetSuite consultant could also meet with business users to learn about their needs and requirements, and create functional design guidelines. Ultimately, you’ll work closely with the NetSuite team to determine your company’s goals when it comes to the new system.

While the responsibilities of consultants for NetSuite consultant are diverse each one requires extensive knowledge of NetSuite’s security and functional systems. The ideal candidate will have three to four years of experience in NetSuite implementation. In addition the NetSuite consultant must be familiar with the organization’s requirements for business and also how to design processes and security regulations. A NetSuite consultant who is successful will be able to provide guidance and instruction for new employees.

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The work of a NetSuite consultant is diverse and demanding. They will be responsible for installing and configuring NetSuite as well as creating custom objects. They will also manage the implementation of projects. Their primary aim is to aid a company’s IT department in translating business requirements into functional or technological solutions. They will ultimately ensure the security of the NetSuite system and help the company get the most out of it.

A NetSuite consultant also has an important responsibility to build rapport with clients. Throughout the course of the project consultants must be in constant contact with clients. Clients are often affected by disruptions during ERP implementation, which is why it’s essential to keep them updated on the latest information. This helps clients build trust and gain more about their business model. As a NetSuite consultant, you will be able to answer any questions they might have about their company, its products, or any other problems or challenges.


A NetSuite consultant must possess a variety of qualifications. The first is the experience in managing ERP projects. These projects can be complex and resource-intensive. The person who is responsible for managing the projects must be calm and composed in stressful situations. For the success of the business’ implementation and operation it is crucial to have strong project management skills. Listed below are some other qualities a NetSuite consultant should possess. They should also have experience in managing large-scale ERP implementation projects.

A NetSuite implementation consultant should have vast ERP experience and be well-versed about NetSuite’s fundamental features modules, features and the services that are based on it. They should be able communicate with all levels of business stakeholders. In addition, a NetSuite consultant must be able to work remotely and be available this week should they require. They should be able to work with clients throughout the project’s lifecycle, including leading workshops to identify needs and develop strategies. Before the implementation of NetSuite it is essential that they are able identify risks and assess the possibility of opportunities.

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Qualified NetSuite consultants must have experience in global enterprise solutions. They should be knowledgeable about NetSuite and its integration partners. They must also have experience in managing clients and managing multiple projects. They should have extensive knowledge of supply chain, warehouse, and manufacturing processes. Additionally, a NetSuite implementation consultant must have extensive experience with the integration partners for NetSuite, as well as a similar mid-market ERP system. Finally, they should be savvy and decisive.

6 Reasons Why You Can’t Becoming A NetSuite Consultant Without Social Media - Fund Hope, Inc. (1)NetSuite implementation consultants are responsible for the implementation and ongoing administration of NetSuite software. They organize and analyze business processes and teach employees to make use of the new system. A knowledgeable NetSuite implementation consultant can ensure the success of the implementation of a NetSuite implementation. However, ERP projects are resource-intensive and require extensive knowledge and experience. To make sure that your ERP project is successful, you must employ a NetSuite implementation consultant with a demonstrated track records.


Netsuite consultants usually are hired on a contract basis and can earn as much as $70,000 per year. This position requires collaboration with other project personnel as well as implementing the software. Bonuses and other forms of compensation may be available to NetSuite consultants. NetSuite consultants are responsible for designing and netsuite consultant the implementation of NetSuite software, as also analyzing customer information. A consultant can also collaborate with internal clients and netsuite implementation consultant complete projects that involve both design and analysis.

The Netsuite consultant average salary in the USA is $81,000 annually. The Netsuite consultant’s average salary ranges from $2,125 to $9,210 per month based upon experience. This is a salary competitive that is determined by industry demand. For this job, the majority of employers require a bachelor’s degree. Additionally to that, a NetSuite certification could be advantageous. A NetSuite consultant could earn an average annual salary of $81,000. Some senior consultants can make up to $124,000 a year.

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An average NetSuite consultant salary of $81,000 is not unreasonable. It all depends on background and your area of expertise. The salary of a junior NetSuite consultant can range from $50,000 to $70,000. Senior netsuite implementation consultant NetSuite consultants can earn as high as $110,000. But, as you can see, this salary isn’t the most lucrative, but it is certainly sufficient to make a living in the field of software. It is important to keep in mind that the salary is only one aspect.

The NetSuite consultant’s salary is based on to experience, location and reputation in the market. In the USA the average NetSuite consultant can earn an average of $81,000 per year. In other countries, the amount can vary significantly depending on location, skill level as well as the number of years of experience and the company. It is important to note that NetSuite consultants can earn anything from $50,000 to $75,000 , based on their expertise and where they reside.

Stress levels

Being a NetSuite consultant is a different set of challenges. One is that you never know what you will encounter on any given day. Your job might involve juggling multiple tasks at once as well as dealing with client demands and dealing with different types of people. You might also be discriminated against which can further make it difficult to work in a positive environment. There are a variety of factors that contribute to the high stress levels of consultants.

It is important to establish an effective connection with your potential NetSuite consultant prior to hiring them. Although the interview may last just 30 minutes long, it can be stressful. The interview could have a major impact on the lives of two people for the coming year. Therefore, you should try to learn as much about the prospective consultant as you can.

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Another aspect is the knowledge and experience level of the person. Some people are born consultants but do not have any experience in the field. The job description of a consultant should clearly mention their qualifications. It is important to ensure that you are familiar with the qualifications and experience of the person you are interviewing. A seasoned NetSuite consultant, for example can adjust to the ever-changing needs of businesses.

NetSuite consultants must be capable of communicating and interpreting clearly. Maintaining contact with the client is crucial to build trust and ensuring that the project is running smoothly. A reliable ERP consultant will also be able to gather valuable information about the new system’s impact on business models. Another crucial aspect of an expert consultant is that they must be able to create strong relationships with customers and colleagues. The best way to do this is to establish relationships with professionals in the field.

First assignment as an NetSuite consultant

Your first NetSuite project is likely to be one that will involve setting up the software and teaching your employees on how to use it properly. This could be challenging, but a qualified consultant has experience with the software and know how to manage your company’s unique needs. Furthermore you can avail of NetSuite’s support and training services after your first job. As consultant, your client will be able to make the most out of NetSuite and improve their business process efficiency.

A NetSuite consultant is responsible for configure, implement, and customize NetSuite. They can provide suggestions to streamline processes as well as making the software compatible with existing systems for business or provide support following the installation. NetSuite consultants should also be accountable for providing the most effective solutions for their clients’ technological needs. They must also be able to analyze the current business process and system in order to identify potential problems and implement new technology to maximize their clients’ return.

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A NetSuite consultant who is successful should have strong business acumen, excellent communication abilities, and a passion to learn. They should be able to communicate with C-Suite executives and other key stakeholders. They should also be adept at bridging the gap between the business and technical sides of business. A skilled consultant can provide an excellent experience to their clients. It is important to have the confidence and skills to provide the best service to clients.

The process of becoming a NetSuite consultant requires training and dedication. However, it is important to have experience in a relevant field before you begin your new job. This will allow you to understand the intricacies of NetSuite and its applications. It will also help you make the right implementation decisions. As consultant, you’ll need have the necessary skills to be successful in your first project. You can start as an NetSuite consultant by reading this guide and taking the relevant certification exams.


What makes a good NetSuite consultant? ›

A good NetSuite consultant creates long-lasting relationships based on trust and empathy, becoming a trusted advisor to the client, even long after their initial NetSuite implementation.

Why do you want to work for NetSuite? ›

Great growth opportunities

We dedicate a significant amount of time and resources towards career advancement for our employees. We've hired hundreds of sales reps that started their career at NetSuite and have expanded their responsibilities to managing dozens of sales teams.

What are three common things to ask during NetSuite scoping? ›

Quote to cash | order management system. 8 must-have NetSuite apps for a happier team.
Frequently asked questions in a NetSuite interview
  • How many years of NetSuite experience do you have? ...
  • Do you have experience as a NetSuite user? ...
  • Was your previous project a success, if so, how did you contribute to it?

What is unique about NetSuite? ›

What is unique about NetSuite? NetSuite allows companies of any shape and size to manage their entire business applications in one unified system. It even handles the diverse needs of global businesses that use different currencies, languages, tax laws and reporting requirements.

What do NetSuite consultants do? ›

You work with client databases, communicate with internal teams and clients, review and interpret business requirements, respond to client expectations, develop system design and related documents, provide support for technical and functional inputs, and lead projects from start to finish.

What does a NetSuite ERP consultant do? ›

A NetSuite consultant is a technical expert or team of experts able to guide your business through the process of implementing and managing the cloud-based NetSuite ERP solution. This includes everything from tailoring a solution unique to your needs through staff training, implementation, and post-go-live support.

Is NetSuite a good company to work for? ›

Company Culture at NetSuite Inc.

89% of employees at NetSuite Inc. say it is a great place to work compared to 57% of employees at a typical U.S.-based company.

What is a record NetSuite? ›

Custom Records are dynamic and customizable building blocks that allow you to create custom fields, lists and special links with other NetSuite records and transactions. Here are some advantages of using Custom Records in NetSuite: Advantages.

Can you implement NetSuite by yourself? ›

The simple answer to this question is, yes and no. You may be asking, “Why wouldn't I be able to self-implement?” In order to attempt a NetSuite self-implementation, you can hire your own internal team to get the job done or provide training for your IT team on how to do the implementation.

How long does it take to implement NetSuite? ›

It can take just 3 months to implement NetSuite if the following conditions are met: Your organization fits the small category listed above. Your requirements are simple. You're prepared to invest in staff training to ensure everyone can use the system.

Why do I love NetSuite? ›

Flexible, scalable, with the simplicity of a cloud application. Our favourite thing about NetSuite is how it helps our customers to run better. Its unique, single database approach means that things flow through your business as they should, leaving you to focus on improving and growing your organisation.

Why is NetSuite so popular? ›

NetSuite provides real-time business intelligence by giving you a complete spectrum of analytic tools to meet your business needs. The software solution is renowned for providing a 360-degree view of customer relationships or end-to-end business processes. That's why it meets all business needs, from large to small.

Is NetSuite easy to learn? ›

He writes, "NetSuite is easy to use and intuitive. Compared to other accounting software. I used to use SAP and to be efficient you had to memorize countless t-codes and go through dozens of awkward screens. You can become semi-efficient in NetSuite in a matter of days or even hours.

How do I become a functional consultant for NetSuite? ›

  1. Bachelor's degree, preferably in Accounting or Management Information Systems.
  2. Master's degree or post graduate coursework preferred.
  3. 5+ years in application systems consulting.
  4. 1+ years in pre-sales consulting.
  5. Certified NetSuite ERP Consultant is preferred.
  6. Mastery of Microsoft Office Products.

How much does NetSuite training cost? ›

How much do NetSuite Certifications cost? They each cost $250 to register and $150 for retakes.

What language is NetSuite written in? ›

In the case of NetSuite, JavaScript is our server-side language of choice.

What is a NetSuite administrator? ›

What is a NetSuite Administrator? The Administrator is the heart and soul of any great NetSuite team. Their day-to-day duties involve configuring and maintaining the software so a company can maximize its workflow and achieve its business goals.

Why NetSuite is the best ERP system? ›

A single-source solution

ERP is your single-source solution for all core business data and functionality. NetSuite provides a full ERP business software suite, managing everything including accounting and financials, sales and marketing, CRM, inventory, eCommerce, support management, and more.

What is Oracle NetSuite known for? ›

NetSuite is a business technology vendor based in San Mateo, California. Its portfolio includes applications for enterprise resource planning (ERP), financial management, e-commerce, omnichannel commerce, customer relationship management (CRM) and professional services automation (PSA).


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