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Have you ever hated yourself for pointlessly browsing on social media? Usually, this is considered a meaningless waste of time. Meanwhile, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, and other social media have long become a vast market that offers fantastic possibilities for earning money.

If you enjoy spending time browsing popular social networks and love working from home, here is a list of best jobs in social media that you can do without leaving your cozy room and in many cases without any special education.

A Pinterest manager

Some businesses use Pinterest to market their website, and if they do not want to do it themselves, they outsource these services and hire a manager. The manager runs the Pinterest account of a company and creates pins about the most important events in the company life. Besides, they provide that the Pinterest account grows and brings traffic to the website.

Pinterest is not really complicated and the reason why companies or entrepreneurs choose to hire a Pinterest manager is that managing Pinterest is time-consuming.

The very first clients can be hard to find, as you have no one who can trust you. Before you begin to offer your services to other people, learn about Pinterest as much as you can and start to practice to see the actual results of your work. In the very beginning, you can offer your services for free to get experience and recommendations for the future.

One of the benefits of this job is that it does not require much study before you’ll be able to do it. Pinterest marketing is relatively simple, so no doubt you can do it if you learn the necessary skills. Here is a book you can refer to learn about Pinterest – The She Approach to Making Pinterest .

Salary: a Pinterest manager can make at least $25/ an hour.

Content repurposer

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These people call themselves differently, but they do similar things, they take the company’s content, a video or a post on the blog and turn them into another type of content. For example, a post on the blog can become a YouTube video, and a video can be repurposed into an article for a website. Besides, the design or graphics used in the articles can be reshared on Pinterest and Instagram.

The content repurposer plays an important role in a company’s business as they make sure that content almost instantly appears on all possible sales channels.

Here is why the content repurposing job is valuable for the clients. Content repurposer helps to:

  • Find new audiences. Users have different preferences, some find it easy to perceive text information on the blog, others choose YouTube videos or podcasts. Reformatting content for different channels helps to reach larger audiences.
  • Bring new life to the old content. Every blogger or entrepreneur has content that can be reused. All it needs is just a fresh look. Here is where a content repurposer steps in. This approach helps to create content for other channels at a very low cost and ensures that the good content is not forgotten.
  • Save resources. When new content is created a lot of effort is put into it. Very often the process involves many people. It is the opposite with the content repurposing, with minimum efforts a quality content can be created for the most prospective social media sales channels.

Many of the processes within the job can be standardized which allows to take bigger volumes and keep the quality level high earning from several hundred to several thousand a week.Salary: a a content repurposing specialist makes $25-$35 per hour.

YouTube channel manager

YouTube content creators have a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders. They need to discuss sponsorship with brands, produce videos, upload them, create thumbnails for those videos. But the most important part of their job is still making videos and they usually concentrate on it. All the rest is handled by a YouTube channel manager.

Your responsibilities as a YouTube channel manager may include:

  • Managing the YouTube content calendar
  • Uploading videos to the associated channels
  • Maintaining the documentation and storage of all video submissions
  • Creating SEO-optimized copy for all video descriptions, titles, and tags
  • Preparing regular performance analysis
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No degree or any special education is required for this job, but you will need to demonstrate your experience. Some companies require 1-2 years working in marketing at an agency, corporate company and/or social marketing. If you consider working directly with content creators, for these purposes, you can first work for free with small channels and further on offer your services on a paid basis.

Salary: a YouTube channel manager can make $20-$35 per hour.

Specialized marketing strategist

7 best jobs in social media you can do from home - FarFarjob - find job in design, programming, marketing and other spheres (2)

Sometimes companies and entrepreneurs may need to develop a particular marketing channel. For these purposes, they hire practitioners who can help them to position themselves on the very specific platforms. If you have experience in working with YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram or other social media, you can easily find clients and start earning money on it.

Apart from the channel, you’ll specialize in, you can choose on what to focus: paid marketing or organic marketing. With the help of paid marketing, you can help companies to promote their profiles and posts on social media and reach specific people using targeting options that include age, region, interests, educational background and more. Organic marketing creates loyalty and gives feedback from the target audience as a new form of Word-of-Mouth.
The list of platforms is always growing offering opportunities for development.
As all marketing specialists do, you will be helping businesses to make more money and they will be willing to pay for your services.

Salary: a marketing strategist can make $25-$35 per hour.


If you have writing skills and enjoy expressing ideas in a written form, you can take up the job of a copywriter. Apart from marketing materials like websites, emails, brochures, catalogs, copywriters create posts for social media. You can work on Facebook or Instagram posts, write scripts for YouTube videos and generate other creative content.
Although it’s not essential, an undergraduate degree in English, marketing or communications will help you a lot.

To provide the high-quality content you can use various tools. For example, the tool called the Social Message Optimizer
which makes it easy to quickly estimate the effectiveness of your social media post (before publishing it). It’s really easy to use, just enter your copy, click a button, and see your message score and how to improve it.

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Apart from writing you will need to learn some basic technical things for writing posts on different social platforms. Bear in mind that every social network has a character limit. On some networks, this number will make you be very precise. And on others, it is much higher than you might need to convey your ideas.

Before you start writing copy for a particular social network, you need to know why and when people use them. You will also need to make an investigation of other social media the company uses and their previous posts to understand what tone of voice to choose.

Salary: a social media copywriter averagely makes $22-$33 per hour.

Social media evaluator

7 best jobs in social media you can do from home - FarFarjob - find job in design, programming, marketing and other spheres (3)

Anybody who uses one or more social media networks on a daily basis can get paid for it. As a social media evaluator, you will need to look through social media posts and evaluate texts, photos, search queries, and if the advertising you see in your feed is relevant.

Usually, a social media evaluator gets an assignment according to which they make sure that a social network’s newsfeed is relevant and corresponds to the criteria given. Every project has its own peculiarities. In the majority of cases to become a social media evaluator, you’ll need to pass a qualification test.

All projects have different lengths and hourly commitments. Your working hours may begin with four hours per day for a project which lasts a year or the project may only be a month-long and for a couple of hours per day.

For this job no special skills are required, however, you will need to be capable of analytical thinking and be acquainted with reporting tools as you will need to make reports of how well the content has been performing.

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Customer service representative

Very often when people have to complain about the services or just want to ask a question about a product, they don’t send emails or make phone calls, they simply drop their questions on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. If a company is active in social media and has a considerable number of followers, it may be time-consuming to answer all the clients’ requests.

For these purposes, customer service representatives are usually hired. To be able to work as a customer service representative you won’t need any special education, though a bachelor’s degree or customer service training is preferable. You will also need to know the product and company you are representing from every angle to provide quality support.

For this job, it is essential that you naturally enjoy communicating with people. Besides, here is a list of skills you need to have to succeed as a customer service representative:

  • knowledge of the product, as mentioned above you will need to take time and dig into the product you are going to support, try to use the product on a daily basis for some time just the way an ordinary customer does;
  • ability to truly listen to customers, this implies empathy, you need to be able to feel what clients are experiencing and what will help them best in the situation;
  • ability to clearly communicate your ideas, as communication will always happen virtually, whatever you say will be available for clients’ further reference;
  • attentiveness to the details, customers will give you many useful details in their feedback on the experience, they had, which you will need to carefully collect and process;
  • time-management skills — if the volume of requests is considerable, you will need to learn how to prioritize them;
  • problem-solving skills and solution-oriented approach, customers will often come to you with problems and complaints which you will need to sort out for them;
  • ability to use positive language, your glass should be always half full and not half empty.

The necessity to resolve issues and increase customer satisfaction will require good communication skills and a customer-first approach. Your responsibilities will include:

  • handling complaints;
  • processing orders;
  • providing information about an organization’s products and services.

Salary: customer service representative earnings may vary, the median hourly average $16.

Final thoughts

To conclude, if you dream of the job that will let you deal with social media on a daily basis without the necessity to hide your screen from the boss, you can take up one of the above options. The majority of the listed jobs do not require any special skills or education. However, all of them will need you to invest your time and effort in studying a particular field.

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You will benefit a lot and increase your chances to succeed in a job if you study social media advertising tools, effective-communication, writing, apps for creating video and audio content as well as other computer and technical skills.

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Aug 26, 2021

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  6. Build Your Personal Brand. ...
  7. Grow Your Network. ...
  8. Offer Your Skills for Free.


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