7 Creative Ways to Use Social Media for PR (2022)

Social media and PR go hand in hand.

Because the purpose of public relations is to generate as much positive press for your company as possible.

And social media is where most people are seeing that coverage unfold.

It’s no secret that PR has evolved beyond press releases and traditional outlets. Consider that social media dominates news consumption among millennials and the younger crowd.

Meanwhile, recent social media statistics highlight that over 50% of consumers follow brands directly to stay updated on brands.

From new products and company milestones to marketing campaigns and beyond, aligning social media and PR ultimately allows you to boost your positive mentions and keep customers in the loop. Doing so should be a top priority, but where do you even start?

How to bridge the gap between social media and PR

Here’s the deal: scoring positive press and building brand awareness doesn’t happen by accident.

Below are nine actionable strategies that combine blogging, content marketing and social media for PR.

1. Become a contributor or guest blogger

The concept here is simple: earn exposure and authority by publishing content on big-time industry blogs.

Guest blogging is a tried-and-tested example of newer-school PR. Given that most blogs are eager for fresh content, a well-crafted pitch is often enough to get your foot in the door.

The advantages of guest-blogging are threefold:

  • You’re able to reach a wider audience than your own, tapping into potential customers and gaining exposure with industry players
  • You benefit from the credibility of the blog you’re posting on (think: “featured in” snippets or testimonials on your website)
  • In some cases, you can earn backlinks or significant traffic depending on the type of blog you’re posting on

For example, blogs like FastCompany accept guest post contributions for their Work Life section. These blogs are written by industry experts, often on behalf of B2B or SaaS professionals with firsthand experience regarding workplace trends.

7 Creative Ways to Use Social Media for PR (1)

Contributors not only build their own authority by publishing on the blog but also earn byline summary snippet and link to their company’s site.

7 Creative Ways to Use Social Media for PR (2)

Of course, guest posting requires you to come up with thoughtful pitches and meaningful content that people actually want to read.

In turn, you can boost and share that content once it’s published. That’s social media and PR in action.

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The case for making remote work a key part of your diversity & inclusion policy, from our own @PaulFEstes in @FastCompany 👉 https://t.co/JjLvbgRQqP

— MURAL (@MURAL) February 14, 2021

2. Encourage your employees (including C-level) to post on LinkedIn

Keep in mind that modern PR isn’t just about getting mentioned in publications.

Social media is perfect for tapping into the “public” part of public relations. For example, many B2B companies rely on LinkedIn to spread the word about their companies when it comes to milestones and new services.

Specifically, C-level employees and folks in leadership positions often have a lot of pull on LinkedIn. Announcing news from a personal account not only makes your news feel more human but also tends to earn much, much more reach than a traditional branded post.

7 Creative Ways to Use Social Media for PR (3)

The beauty of social media PR is that you can reach your target audience and communities directly. The more people you have internally hyping your company and singing your praises, the better.

3. Empower influencers to spread the word about your brand

Perhaps the biggest creative avenue for boosting your social media PR efforts is influencer marketing.

For companies in the B2C space, getting your products in the hands of influencers is a great way to spread the word. Whether through freebies in exchange for reviews or full-on paid sponsorships, the opportunities to connect with influencers are seemingly endless.

And keep in mind that what an “influencer” looks like is constantly changing, especially given the rise of micro-influencers.

Although name brands might partner up with celebrities, up-and-coming brands can work with content creators both big and small. Engagement and buzz are more important than follower count.

(Video) 44 Social Media Post Ideas For Churches That Don't Get Ignored

4. Build an army of advocates with an ambassador program

Basically a more robust version of influencer marketing, an ambassador program practically guarantees you social media PR around the clock.

Ambassadors are often trusted and vetted by the company. In exchange for a commission, free products or other perks, they’ll hype up your brand and its latest offerings.

7 Creative Ways to Use Social Media for PR (4)

Granted you’re selling a quality product, brand ambassadors will spread positive word of mouth on their own time.

Again, consumers flock to the likes of Instagram and Pinterest to learn about new products. When prospects find an army of satisfied customers singing your praises, they’re much inclined to buy.

5. Interact with journalists and publishers via Twitter

When we think about getting “coverage” on our products or business, our mind naturally jumps to journalists.

While reaching out to journalists is totally fair game (and actually easier than ever), remember that journalists are people, too. The basic rules of good social media engagement and social media etiquette are still in play here.

Instead of cold-pitching a journalist on Twitter, take the time to understand their interests, publications and stories. Some low-hanging ways to build trust include:

  • Sharing their articles on Twitter (and @mentioning them)
  • Be helpful: when they ask for sources, offer up some ideas instead of offering yourself as a source
  • Interact with them on a conversational level and avoid a purely promotional relationship

You don’t have to look hard to findsomeone in your industry that’s hungry for a story.

As the new Business Editor of @DisgracefulMag I would LOVE to hear pitches from women and marginalised genders on accessibility in the workplace, ethical business, the future of work and more!

Please send pitches to editorial@disgracefulmagazine.co.uk subject- FAO: Business Dep

— Betty Henderson (@besos_betty) June 28, 2021

Additionally, hashtags such as #HARO (“help a reporter out”) and #JournoRequest are prime places to find journalists that need a source for a story.

Know anyone who recently returned to their former NYC-area employer (aka boomerang)? And it didn't quite go so well? You can definitely be anon. Please DM me. Need one source asap for a story. Thanks!@helpareporter #HARO #journorequest

(Video) 7 [ EASY ] Ways To Monetize Social Media

— Vicki Salemi (@vickisalemi) July 15, 2021

6. Use social media to boost your press release strategy

This is perhaps one of the most straightforward examples of social media and PR.

Because for some companies, social media is the primary avenue for breaking news or announcing upcoming products.Beyond dropping links on LinkedIn or Twitter, consider additional formatting ideas such as:

  • Summarizing the key points of your press release in your caption
  • Providing bullet points or a “condensed” release alongside your external link
  • Formatting your release into an image or infographic
7 Creative Ways to Use Social Media for PR (5)

7. Implement a social media crisis plan to stay positive when things go wrong

Reputation management is crucial for PR, especially during times of crisis.

Poor press spreads rapidly on social media. When you’re dealing with a wave of negative comments and call-outs, responding thoughtfully is a must-do to keep your credibility and calm your customers.

Remember: even massive brands make PR blunders and have to issue apologies.

We’ve been working non-stop to get to the bottom of what’s happening with some members of our community. We promised to keep you updated when we had news, and today we’re sharing new information that we’ve never made public before. Click here: https://t.co/9lXJZIJKo1#DevaFacts pic.twitter.com/guNxkbccBd

— DevaCurl (@DevaCurl) February 29, 2020

This is all the more reason to have a social media crisis plan. Although you shouldn’t anticipate a worst-case scenario, a crisis plan can help navigate situations that could result in poor press. When in doubt, hold yourself accountable for your mistakes but never issue a knee-jerk statement.

8. Support your PR pushes with #hashtags

Putting together a hashtag campaign is a brilliant way to not only monitor conversations related to your business’ PR efforts but also cement your brand identity.

Hashtags are snappy and easy for your audience to remember when done right. Consider how you can couple your campaigns with hashtags to:

  • Build a sense of community with your customers
  • Support a good cause
  • Highlight your company’s milestones or achievements

For example, LEGO has been using their #RebuildTheWorld tag for a couple of years now to showcase positive, uplifting stories related to the brand…

How a genius engineering student built his own prosthetic arm – with LEGO bricks! #RebuildTheWorld @DavidHandSolo pic.twitter.com/QMDRQc0AQo

(Video) Monetize your creative work! 7 Tips to help you get paid as a creator

— LEGO (@LEGO_Group) September 22, 2019

…and likewise, show support for sustainability.

Drum roll please 🥁… we’re now using plastic bottles to make prototype LEGO bricks! This is a big step towards our commitment to make all our products from sustainable sources by 2030. ♻️ https://t.co/LO01pUdRGF#Sustainability #RebuildTheWorld #LEGO pic.twitter.com/rXwiBU3LU1

— LEGO (@LEGO_Group) June 23, 2021

See how that works? An evergreen brand hashtag like this is the perfect mix of public relations and social media.

9. Make a point to respond to your target audience and build relationships

Keep in mind that creating good press for yourself is as simple as engaging with your customers via social.

That’s because most of your interactions with followers are public and open for the world to see.

And in that sense, you use those shoutouts and Retweets as means of generating buzz. For the sake of creating more positive conversations around your brand, make a point to:

  • Respond to questions, comments and complaints alike: you’d be surprised at how you can spin a negative interaction into something positive
  • Regularly Retweet people who sing your praises (including success stories and testimonials)
  • Ask questions and encourage engagement directly: peoplewant to sound off but you need to give them the chance

Thank you @nickbunyun for the review on the PW315

Check it out below if you're curious about this webcam! https://t.co/CWr3A07FGj

— AVerMedia (@AVerMedia) July 6, 2021

Just note that your social media response time really matters here. You don’t want to leave anyone hanging or potentially sleep on a glowing comment from a satisfied customer or influencer.

Do you have a social media PR strategy in place?

Listen: PR work is no longer confined to sending out cold emails or dropping press releases.

(Video) 7 Social Media Tips for Realtors to GET MORE CLOSED DEALS [Social Media for Realtors 2022]

Injecting even just a bit of creativity into your social media and PR strategy can go a long, long way.

From influencers and guest posts to simply rethinking the way you promote yourself on social, there are so many actionable steps you can take to build more positive press.

We can’t overstate how impactful social media will be in the coming years when it comes to supporting business initiatives (including PR). If you haven’t already, make sure to check out the latest Harris Report that breaks down the future of social media marketing and what you need to know.


How social media can be used for PR? ›

PR and social media are based on communication but social media, with its real-time messaging, amplifies your message, allowing PR to be stronger and more impactful. Content published via news releases, emails, and other PR related means can live longer, spread faster and reach further with the help of social media.

How can I be creative in PR? ›

Being creative in public relations can involve a multitude of things, but below I have listed some aspects that I believe to be the most important.
  1. #1 - Thinking Outside the Box. ...
  2. #2 - Solving Problems and Communicating Ideas. ...
  3. #3 - Keeping Your Audience Captivated. ...
  4. #4 - Being Creative in all Aspects of PR.
Jul 6, 2017

What is the role of new media in PR? ›

New media allows a business to continue to create traction and awareness (in a softer, more personable tone) in-between the 'news worthy' activity used in the traditional media campaigns. Both realms require their own compelling and authentic content. Both require their own high-quality visuals.

What is PR in social media marketing? ›

What Does PR Mean in Social Media? A PR campaign is designed with one aim: to get people talking about a brand. On social media, PR refers to using social media channels( Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc.) to drum up some press, put your company in the spotlight, and get people talking about you.

How do you spread information in PR? ›

The best examples of PR tactics to leverage
  1. Using press releases to spread the word. ...
  2. Targeting local TV stations and media outlets. ...
  3. Using PR stunts to get coverage. ...
  4. Participating in community and industry events. ...
  5. Taking advantage of social media platforms. ...
  6. Partnering up with influencers.

How can social media improve marketing? ›

Social media marketing tips
  1. Define goals and objectives. ...
  2. Identify the target audience. ...
  3. Select the right platforms. ...
  4. Develop or align with a content strategy. ...
  5. Publish content consistently. ...
  6. Use visuals to tell a story. ...
  7. Monitor conversations and create relationships. ...
  8. Use scheduling and automation tools.
Oct 27, 2021

What are at least 5 to 7 best social media practices for PR Why? ›

  • Be relevant. It may sound incredibly simple, but being relevant is one of the most important social media strategies, and has been proved time and time again to be a successful one. ...
  • Add value. ...
  • Be consistent. ...
  • Mind your tone of voice. ...
  • Newsjacking. ...
  • Engage in conversations. ...
  • Utilising video content.
Jul 19, 2022

What are the PR tools? ›

Top 9 Tools of Public Relations
  • Press Releases: The press release is the basic building block of a publicity programme concerned with story placement. ...
  • Fact Sheets: ...
  • Press Kits: ...
  • Video News Releases: ...
  • Employee/Member Relation Programme: ...
  • Community Relations Programme: ...
  • Financial Relations Programme: ...
  • Events:

What is creative PR? ›

West Hollywood based Creative PR is a full service, boutique pr and marketing shop that helps a variety of clients achieve their goal. Creative PR's clients include independent public radio producers, theatrical productions, authors, entrepreneurs and arts organizations. Learn More.

Why does PR need creativity? ›

Creativity in PR allows brands and businesses to engage with their audience in new ways never thought possible. In particular creativity is useful in PR because: Creativity wins pitches. Creativity gives us the ability to out-manoeuvre competitors, who often have bigger budgets.

Is PR a creative industry? ›

Creativity in PR surveys PR professionals to discover whether or not the industry is creative enough to successfully sway marketing budgets and develop game-changing ideas on a consistent basis. The answer is a resounding no.

What is the role of social media in public relations PDF? ›

Social media presents great opportunities for organizations to communicate with publics. For public relations, social media are a tool to help build relationships among publics. It can foster social change in relationships, communities and societies.

Does social media Impact on PR negatively? ›

Notable negative impacts of social media on public relations include competition with bloggers or influencers, focus on deadline and not quality, and importantly, the emergence of new success parameters.

How do you spread information in PR? ›

The best examples of PR tactics to leverage
  1. Using press releases to spread the word. ...
  2. Targeting local TV stations and media outlets. ...
  3. Using PR stunts to get coverage. ...
  4. Participating in community and industry events. ...
  5. Taking advantage of social media platforms. ...
  6. Partnering up with influencers.

What is media PR? ›

Media relations refer to the mutually beneficial relationship between journalists and public relations professionals. One of the biggest benefits for journalists is the easy access to story ideas and sources.

Did you know that Social Media Networks are further classified on the basis of their functionality? Read more to know all the types of social media networks

Seeing the popularity and power of Social Media Channels, businesses and marketers look for different types of Social Media networks that they can use to target and convert their audiences.. Media sharing types of Social Media are used to find and share photographs, live video, video and other kinds of media on the web.. Social networks nowadays also offer these features, however, for Media Sharing Networks, sharing of media is their basic role.. They are very helpful in channelizing brand awareness for your business, plus, choosing this one to run different types of Social Media Marketing campaigns will help you generate website traffic and customer engagement.. You should choose these types of Social Media networks for publishing, discovering and commenting on articles, social media blogs and other content on the web.. (i) These networks are must for the businesses that want to effectively use Content Marketing, plus, you can share this content on a variety of Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

The best Instagrammers know how to artfully plan posts that create a gorgeous Instagram grid layout on their profile.

And Instagram power users know just how to work this viewpoint to their advantage, with artfully planned posts that, together, create a gorgeous Instagram grid layout.. When someone follows you for the first time, or navigates to your profile to check out your content, your grid is an opportunity to showcase your vibe or brand.. In case your home or office isn’t decorated like an Insta-ready backdrop, one easy way to make sure your photos all speak the same visual language is simply to use the same filter for every photo to help create a consistent tone.. Using a standard filter or color palette, but also working in an “accent” color or filter every few posts, too.. By alternating the style of photo you post, you’ll easily create a checkerboard look on your grid.. Uniting the images on each row by theme or color can create a powerful impact.. Breaking up the grid with squares that create a vertical, central image is a great way to mix graphic branding elements and photography together on your profile.. But viewed together, it’s a work of art.. Create an Instagram grid layout of up to nine images, and then schedule them to go up in the exact right order via the Hootsuite dashboard .. Get that grid going!

There are some seriously impressive use cases for artificial intelligence in social media. Here’s what you need to know.

By quickly understanding how top platforms use AI, you can quickly see why AI is so important in social media.. In fact, AI makes social media marketing better in two big ways for social media managers:. AI can also dramatically enhance the efficacy of your social media content and strategy, which translates into better engagement and results from your social media investments.. That's because AI excels at extracting insights and patterns from large sets of data, including finding signals from social media platforms, advertising data, audience data, and social media performance data.. AI can automatically develop creative and messaging in your brand voice across platforms, including on Facebook and Instagram to increase social media engagement.. Trender.ai is a social media management platform powered by machine learning that allows you to do smarter social listening, improve productivity, and increase social ROI.. AI in social media offers social media platforms obvious benefits.

How can you make sure your employees’ social media usage doesn’t negatively affect your company? That’s where having a social media policy can help.

Yet, while Pew Research Center suggests that 74% of adults are on social media, it also indicates that 73% of companies lack a social media policy.. A social media policy is your business code of conduct, letting people in your organization know how to act on social media.. Protects your brand: Your social media policy ensures that whenever someone interacts with your company online, either through a brand channel or an employee, they get the same consistent experience.. It’s essential for your social media policy to include guidelines that protect your employees and your company.. For years, organizations avoided the complexity of things like compliance and security on social media, by encouraging their teams to stay away from social media entirely.

What are you most thankful for today? 😇

Asking questions is a great way to spark conversation, make people feel involved, create a sense of community and thus increase social media engagement.. People love sharing their experiences and asking questions makes it easy for them to come forth and share what they think.. What comes to your mind when you hear the word Social Media Engagement?. What do you enjoy more — posting stories or watching stories?. Share your favourite thing about this app.. Share one of your favourite Christmas pictures from your camera roll.. What are your thoughts on asking questions on Social Media?

TikTok may still be a relatively new platform, however it is becoming increasingly popular among all generations. Start using your tiktok for your business!

It also means that TikTok is an ideal place to reach an international audience.. Well, for one, TikTok is a well-populated platform.. However, sifting through influencers on TikTok can be an arduous process, and it’s unclear to determine whether a certain influencer is right for your product or service.. Ad Formats Available on TikTok. As the longest video ad format, TopView videos can be up to 60 seconds long and are full-screen with both sound and autoplay.. Similar to the ads you see on Instagram, In-Feed Ads are 9-15 seconds long and appear in between user videos as you scroll through the “For You” page.. Another feature of In-Feed Ads is that users can like, comment, share, follow, and shoot videos within the same TikTok video .. These ads are comparable to unskippable YouTube ads or bumper ads.. This engagement format taps into user passion for creative expression.

As social spaces become increasingly crowded, B2B brands need to prioritize engaging social content to stay ahead of the competition.

As social spaces become increasingly crowded, B2B brands will need to prioritize strong and engaging social content to stay ahead of the competition.. For inspiration on how to level up your social strategy and ensure your content stands out from the crowd, we’ve rounded up a list of B2B social media post ideas for you to try.. B2B social media best practices include sharing owned content as well as third-party, industry-focused articles to establish trust and credibility.. And finally, curating third-party content reduces the burden on your creative teams to always create new content.. Regardless of how you feel about hashtags, they do make an impact on your social content.. No matter what you post, your brand’s social feeds all need to have a cohesive look and feel.. Here are a few simple tricks we use at Idea Grove when crafting social content for our B2B clients:. Break up your social feed and differentiate yourself from the competition by showcasing the people who work behind the scenes of your brand.. People trust a customer testimonial more than any salesperson, so why not take that testimonial and share it on your social channels?. In addition to their product content, Slack creates content that demonstrates how customers like Stripe use Slack’s software to improve their customer support efforts.. What about your customers or the authors of third-party content you’ve shared on social?. Lastly, one of the best ways to stand out in B2B social is to take advantage of paid social ads.. A paid social strategy enables you to cut through the social clutter by using carefully defined target audiences and messages to connect with your customer.. And for untapped audiences (cold leads), paid ads are a great way to create brand awareness with informative, helpful and ungated content.. Learn how market research can empower your social team to better understand your target buyer and develop content that will resonate at every stage of the customer journey.

The best social media management tools help you manage every aspect of your social media marketing strategy. In this guide, we’ll cover some of our favourite tools for social media marketing, their costs, and important features.

Semrush’s Social Media Toolkit Google Analytics Brandwatch Canva Unsplash SocialPilot Tweetdeck SocialDrift Sendible Facebook Pages Manager Agorapulse Ripl Hubspot Fanbooster. Social Media Management Social Post Scheduling Analytics Social Listening Content Creation. The SocialPilot scheduling tool lets you schedule, plan, and bulk publish posts on all of your social channels.. You can add your branding to a report that SocialPilot creates for you.. The best social media analytics tools provide and analyze your social media performance.. Tweetdeck might now offer as much insight and data as Brandwatch, but it makes our list because it’s completely free.. Here are our best free social media management tools

There are thousands of ways you can promote your small business. Here is a list of 101 small business marketing ideas to get you started.

A marketing plan clearly outlines how you will reach your ideal customers by effectively implementing your marketing strategy.. Here is a list of 101 small business marketing ideas to get the wheels turning.. Update or create a marketing plan for your business.. Direct mail can be expensive, but if you find a targeted list and send attractive offers, it can also be very effective—and profitable.. If it aligns with your marketing strategy, consider hiring a professional social media manager or outsourcing the work.. Connect with social media influencers for promotional posts to reach their user base.. Most marketing is about creating awareness of your business.. There are many tools and resources available for free online.

Perhaps you've come up with the perfect business idea and name for your business. Now, it's time to come up with a great slogan to tie all the pieces together. And not just a slogan, but a catchy and timeless slogan that people across the world will remember you for. Your slogan is not ...

Perhaps you've come up with the perfect business idea and name for your business.. And not just a slogan, but a catchy and timeless slogan that people across the world will remember you for.. Advertising.. We'll Make Advertise.. Advertise, Good.. We're With The Digital.. Smms With Smm Non Digital, We Care Digital, Good.. Digital The Only Way To Go.. Using Is What We Do Digital... Get Your Digital Here.. Advertise Makes Everything Better.. You Better Get Your Digital Out.. Often times, your slogan can even be more important than the name of your brand.. This will help when advertising your business and creating a powerful website.


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