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Skellefteå offers a wide variety of activities, for every taste and for every one. There are things to do, things to see and attractions to experience. You can find activities for every day of the week, whether you like the great outdoors or rather stays inside. Explore attractions that are centuries old, enjoy exciting activities in natureand find lots of things to do right here in Skellefteå.

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Winter experiences
Cross country skiing
Fritidsbanken At Fritidsbanken, you can borrow equipment for an active leisure time, such as skis, skates, inline skates, life jackets, tents, balls of various kinds, clubs, fishing rods, football shoes, helmets, backpacker kitchens, sleeping mats and much more. The loan period is up to 14 days and completely free!Read more Read more

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Explore our collection of guides for you who want to discover all the wonderful things that Skellefteå has to offer. Here you will find comprehensive guides with everything you need to know about, for example, hiking, cycling or canoeing.

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Vitberget - Recreation area 2 km from the city center you'll find the Vitberg area, an area for those who love nature and want to move. Skis, snowboards, berry picking, shorter hiking trails, electric light trails and much more can be found here. Regardless of the season, Vitberget offers a fantastic nature and exercise experience for all ages.Read the guide Read the guide
Experience the city center Welcome to Skellefteå city: a vibrant city center with fantastic shopping and a rich history. There's a lot to see and experience here for those who visit us. For those of you who have a moment to spare and want to take a walk, we highly recommend going on one of our city walks where, with the help of our text guides below, you can discover exciting history and details about our city.Read more Read more
How to master winter One of the perks of living in the northern parts of Sweden is that we get to have a real winter. A winter with snow, ice, and the cold. Now, maybe you ask yourself, ”why does anyone want to be cold?” but let me tell you a little secret. The winters here in Swedish Lapland can be amazing, if you know how to master them.How to master winter How to master winter
VACATION PACKAGES We've collected the best vacation packages deals in Skellefteå so you can enjoy a vacation packed full of activities - without any planning yourself! No need for you to find a bunch of activities and figure out when to do what and how you will get around. We've already done that for you! See all

Freedom to roam

The Swedish freedom to roam is fantastic! It makes it possible for everyone to practice outdoor life and move freely and easily in nature, but it also places certain demands on those who visit it. Read more about the possibilities and obligations of the right of public access here.

SKELLEFTEÅ TOURIST CENTER Whether you are on a temporary or long-term visit, paying a visit to your hometown or live in Skellefteå, you are welcome to visit us at the Skellefteå Tourist Center. There you will find brochures, buy tickets for events, local products and souvenirs and get inspiration for your stay. Read more

Shopping in Skellefteå

We are proud to have received theÅrets Cityhandelaward in 2017 and that ourshopping centre Citykompaniet ranked asSweden's 2nd best city shopping centrein 2018. It shows how much our stores care about you - their customer. It's also a sign that we can offer a wide range in products and the fact that many stores work with both ecological and social sustainability in their businesses.

THE CITY GIFT CARD Congratulations Skellefteå, the place where the local gift card is the most sold throughout the country. It can be used at over 100 shops, cafes, restaurants, gyms and hotels in central Skellefteå. An appreciated gift that also contributes to a vibrant city centre.
UNIQUE SHOPS IN THE CITY We're curious and want to feel more. Not just the products but also a connection to them. Welcome to our most unique shops in the city
SHOPPING Which shops are where, when are the shops open and where can you park the car? You will find the answers, and much more wonderful shopping inspiration on our detailed shopping page. Read more

Get inspired by Skellfeteå

For those of you who are curious about what an experience can look like, we have described several of them, and new articles are coming all the time. A warm welcome to our inspiration pages where we highlight experiences and people within Skellefteå.

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Snowshoes below the full moon The sky is pitch black, and we're about to walk into the, seemingly, pitch black woods. We have snow shoes on our feet, headlamps and strict orders not to light them (!). You see, we have another source of light right above our heads. A big bright full moon.Read the story Read the story
Ice baths during a lunch break To undress only when the thermometer shows -15 degrees goes against all human reason and sense. But for John and Maia, who takes cold baths regularly, it is the given lunch activity.Read the story Read the story
Experience dog sledding If this is the first time you've met a bunch of enthusiastic huskies, it's no wonder you're a bit reserved. But there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of. Join the British couple Sabine and Pete when they meet some of Skellefteå's furry locals for the first time.Read the story Read the story

Fun attractions in Skellefteå

Whether you're planning your vacation or is busy spending it you might want to know what things you can do in Skellefteå. Well, unfortunately we don't have a short answer to you because we have so much activities to offer! There a are tons of things you can do while visiting Skellefteå with your family and friends, no matter if it's spring, summer, autumn or winter.

To make it easier for you to see what activities are available for your stay we've categorized everything. So, if you're into culture you can see all cultural attractions gathered on one page! Or, if you're travelling with your family, we've selected all kid friendly activities into one page. We hope this helps you find what speaks to you!

Here in Skellefteå, the seasons change quite a bit. Our summer days (and nights) are long and bright, whilte our winter days are short and dark (but super cozy). So the things to do in either season changes a lot. But don't worry, we want to show you the best activities of the next main season ahead, but if you're planning further into the future you can always find attractions for all the seasons on our page. And if you don't find what you're looking for you can always contact our Visiting Center.

Sustainable excursions We are proud of our members who work actively with their sustainability development, and want to show you how to can take part of a sustainable Skellefteå Read more
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