How to Create a Professional Media Kit (With Examples) (2022)


How to Create a Professional Media Kit (With Examples) (1)

How to Create a Professional Media Kit (With Examples) (2)

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Last Updated: Dec 1, 2021

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As an influencer, you’re probably at a stage where brands are reaching out to contact you, or you’re looking for a more significant revenue stream. This is precisely where a media kit becomes your best friend.

If you’re new to Influencer marketing, check out our complete guide to becoming a Instagram influencer here.

With the rise of “influencers”, media kits have spanned to a broader group of people. Predominately for businesses and celebrities, now those with large followings also require them. Of course, media kits for influencers differ slightly.

We’ve compiled the ultimate guide for creating a media kit. This guide will provide you with everything you need to know – you’ll walk away confidently being able to create your media kit. Let’s jump in.

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What is a media kit?

A media kit is a document or web page that gives potential sponsors everything that they need to know about working and collaborating with you. It could be the difference between them becoming your sponsor, and not.

It’s a vital document to have, that can make your influencer business all the more prosperous.

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It’s also a brilliant way to show yourself in a professional light, and weeds out any businesses that aren’t a good match for you.

Media kits are essential to have, and once created, can make getting sponsorship deals a world easier.

What your media kit should include?

It’s not just Google analytics and pricing. Your media kit has to be both aesthetically appealing and engaging. You don’t want to sell yourself short, it’s your time to show your creativity and your accomplishments.

It’s an opportunity to show off the best of your blog, Instagram posts, or YouTube videos. Whatever it is that you do; a media kit will show potential sponsors why you’re leading the way in that market.

“Whatever it is that you do; a media kit will show potential sponsors why you’re leading the way in that market.”


Below is everything that you need to include in your media kit.

1. Graphics

We thought we would put this first, as making your media kit look great, and on-brand is crucial.

Make sure you have your logo, a photo of yourself, and a color scheme that works perfectly. This could be your blog or YouTube header photo.

Take a look at theChristina Galbatomedia kit as inspiration. Not only has she included pictures of herself, but she also has the correctcolorsto keep it on-brand.

How to Create a Professional Media Kit (With Examples) (4)

Her media kit is simple, with simple graphics – something that very much mirrors her personal brand. This is something to keep in mind when you create your media kit.

Not sure what your signiture style is? Check out 10 popular Instagram themes and how to get them.

2. About you

Somewhere on your media kit needs to be an “About ME” section or page. However, this differs from, say, a LinkedIn about me, or an Instagram bio. As the sole purpose is to gain sponsors, your About Me on your media kit should specify what you do, and why you do it.

You don’t need to include much information, but a few lines that allow your sponsors to recognize that you could be the perfect influencer for them.

Wanderers and Warriorshave decided to writetheirAbout section in the third person. They mention what they do and why they do it – giving travel and lifestyle brands the first inclination that they could be a perfect choice.

How to Create a Professional Media Kit (With Examples) (5)

How to Create a Professional Media Kit (With Examples) (6)

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3. Statistics

These are your main selling points. Why should your sponsor invest in you? What will they get in return?

Adding statistics gives you the chance to showcase your achievements, and what you have to offer.

How to Create a Professional Media Kit (With Examples) (7)

As an influencer, you should include your most substantial statistics. For instance, the combined number of followers on your social media, how many views you get on a post or video, and the traffic to your site.

“Instagram engagement for Influencers is quickly becoming just as important (if not more important) than the number of followers they have. An engaged, organic following is crucial for landing paid partnerships with brands”

If you’ve started on a new venture, why not mention how fast that is growing? For example, my Instagram following increased by 200% in the past month, courtesy of a particular strategy.

4. Testimonials

If you’ve had previous sponsors, this will be great for your media kit. Mentioning the list of collaborations that you’ve done in the past is a simple way to show potential sponsors that you’re experienced in the world of influencing.

Showing the results of individual campaigns is the icing on the cake.

Take Chris Hau for example. In his media kit, he gains some serious social proof with this testimonial from Google.

How to Create a Professional Media Kit (With Examples) (8)

Even if you’re a newbie, you could try to ask for testimonials from various brands. Regardless of how small, if you have a review which states you are easy to communicate with, and dedicated to providing results, you’ll be more likely to get chosen.

5. Sponsorship options

Now that you’ve convinced a brand to collaborate with you, it’s time to introduce the options and services you can offer.

Basically, list all the fantastic ways that you can work with a brand – and try to be creative. Brands are continually looking for innovative ways to market themselves.

A Beautiful Mess clearly lays out their typical collaboration options along with ways to upgrade the content to make it more unique.

How to Create a Professional Media Kit (With Examples) (9)

“Make sure you don’t forget to include rates; this way your sponsors know that you align with their budget from the get-go. Perhaps even provide a bundle discount, that might sweeten the deal.” — Neightan White, a blogger at Supreme Dissertations and Grab My Essay.

6. Contact info

Lastly, make sure that your sponsors know precisely how to contact you. Otherwise, your media kit efforts will be wasted.

Provide your sponsors with a contact page, with an email address and phone number.

How to Create a Professional Media Kit (With Examples) (10)

You could also provide links to your social media channels and blog so that your sponsors can check them out from themselves.

How long should a media kit be?

Some media kits are only a page long – they’re a printable PDF, that fits all information onto an A4 page.

However, with the beauty of technology, media kits can now be a presentation in their own right. That’s why so many influencer media kits are more of a slideshow. They can span up to 5 pages long.

With a PDF version, that you can slide your way through, can make your kit more concise and professional. In other words, you don’t have to squash all your information onto one page.

It’s a Keeper’smedia kit is 5 pages long, looks seamless, and provides an extensive list of details.

Make it personal

There’s one common theme with the media kits, they’re all completely different. Of course, take inspiration from other influencer’s media kits – but ultimately, it has to be a genuinely personal document.

That means the words,graphics,and information have to all match your brand.

Whetheryou’rea fashion, gaming, or fitness influencer, your media kit has to follow a particular theme.

How can you do this for your own media kit?

How to Create a Professional Media Kit (With Examples) (11)

Sometimes you have to research into your own business and brand, just to make sure your media kit matches wonderfully.

Top tip: Do not, under any circumstance, send out your media kit as a word document. There are tonnes of tools online to create media kits, and convert them to a PDF.

For example,Canvaoffers specific media kit templates.Also, don’t hesitate to send it to a professional editor at an online writing service like Trust My Paper, or at the very least, have it checked with Grammarly.


Now, send it out. You work is finished, and wait for your sponsorships to roll in.

If you have a blog, don’t forget to provide a link to your media kit on there – this way genuine viewers can view sponsorship offers.

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