How To Make A Podcast Media Kit (& Why You Might Want One) (2022)

Does your podcast need a media kit? Yes, definitely, because you want people to listen to your show. It’s a means of packaging your podcast’s information, for listeners, sponsors and journalists, in one convenient place.

Not everyone processes information in the same way. Your media kit is the most accessible gateway to engagement with your show.

True, it’s added work. But whether your podcast should be an income stream or a fun hobby, it’s worth your time and energy.

A good media kit does all of the following:

  • Helps listeners to find and share your podcast
  • Builds a relationship with sponsors
  • Gives journalists key information for articles about your podcast
  • Shows how your podcast is unique
  • Encapsulates and condenses your podcast for future pitches

In short, a media kit is a parcel of information about your podcast that’s easy to share and consume. Think of it as an appetizer sampler platter. It’s a condensed, snack-sized, flavorful version of your work, that makes listeners want more.

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Media kits are also called press kits, for those of us old enough to remember when media outlets used printing presses to distribute information on paper. Keeping traditional print journalism in mind will help you focus your thoughts as you make this kit.

First, draft out your thoughts. Take a moment to write down the What, Who, Where, Why, When, and How of your podcast.

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A meaningful, descriptive sentence. For example, “Hostile Worlds is a podcast that helps you explore alien landscapes, all from the comfort of your headphones.” Or “Knit Wits (hypothetical) is the continuing story of a knitting workshop in an after-school program for inner-city pre-schoolers.”


Who’s involved, and who’s it for?

This part should include a brief biographical sketch of the people working on your podcast.

It should also involve thinking about your audience avatar. Is your podcast a family-friendly science show, or is it true crime? Those audiences might overlap, but at different places and times.

Jot down some notes about your ideal listeners. For example, Knit Wits might be for educators, parents, knitters, math geeks, and families. Hostile Worlds would be for science and space enthusiasts, people who enjoy immersive experiences, and families.

Our freePodcast Planner toolwill help you a lot, here. It just takes a few minutes to fill out and it’ll get you set up with your own personalised program.

Content warnings are worth your consideration. Who is your podcast definitely not for? Moliére’s plays didn’t have cursing or sex in them, but they’re boring for some folks.

If you know what’s challenging about your podcast, you know where you risk losing listeners. This way you can plan ahead, and avoid it.

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Think about environment. Did your show come out of a particular event (such as a team-building exercise or workshop) or place (Los Angeles? Iceland? Tangier, Virginia)?

Does your show have a particular environment in it (like a fantastic spaceship, in Hostile Worlds, or an imaginary courtroom, as in Judge John Hodgman?)

Do you record in your home? Place and time are part of how your podcast is unique.


Sum up the intended impact of your podcast. Why are you doing this? What makes your target audience want to listen? For example, “Hostile Worlds is designed to teach the audience about the universe in an entertaining and accessible way.” or, “Knit Wits shows how knitting gives young children an advantage in math education, with the wit of kids’ humor.”

If you have already launched, and you have released several episodes, this is a good place to copy and paste some reviews that describe your podcast’s impact. Make notes about your show’s downloads and geographic reach. These show how contagious your podcast is.


What important dates are coming soon for your podcast? What’s your launch date? If you’ve already launched, write about the time you’ve invested in this podcast. Are you starting a new season? Is a milestone (such as a 100th episode) coming up? These are all important.


This section of your podcast media kit is to help people listen to your podcast. It should link to one page on your website – this might be labelled /listen or /subscribe. There you want links to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and maybe one or two others that you like.

You can mention that they can use whatever podcast app they want. Some podcasters put in the RSS feed so that people can copy and paste it into their preferred podcatcher.Here’s an example of the Listen Now page for Podcraft.

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Great! Now that you have drafted all these thoughts into condensed statements, let’s make the building blocks of the press kit itself. You want your podcast to be accessible to any journalist, blogger or influencer, so you need it to be the simplest possible multi-tool. You are going to make:

  • A fact sheet, in a format which can be a PDF or HTML
  • A big copy of your podcast’s art
  • A Google Drive folder or a downloadable zip file

The Folder

Make it easy for writers to promote you. Some prefer to work offline, and would rather have the data about your show in a format they can save to their own desktop, or print out and read.

Make a folder with a public link, such as a Google Drive folder or a Dropbox zip folder. Test the link with a friend to make sure it can be reached easily. Bookmark this link, or copy and paste it into a note on your desktop. You’ll be using it often.

The Fact Sheet

Make this one page. Use short paragraphs and columns, if necessary. This should be easy on the eyes and allow the reader to skim several topics easily, to find the particular data they want. If it can be printed on one page, it won’t require much scrolling. This fact sheet includes:

  • A summary: Use summary sentence from What, with some flavor from Where
  • The intended audience: Use a sentence from Who, which can include content warnings, if necessary
  • Creators: Use a sentence from Who about creators, and link to a page with creative team bios
  • History: Use information from Where. How did your podcast come about? Use one brilliant sentence. If a writer wants more information, they’ll ask.
  • Why listen? This is where you use a one-sentence impact statement from Why. If your show has launched, and you have reviews, or interesting download numbers, add them here!
  • How urgent is the time? Put in the most pressing news from your When section. Do you launch soon? Is your 5000th episode approaching?
  • How to listen: With two or three links to podcatchers
  • Audio Taster: Embed or link to a promo trailer
  • Visuals: Smaller (72 dpi) versions of your podcast art, just to tempt the reader
  • Downloads: A link to your Google Drive or downloadable zip file, clearly labeled “Link to a downloadable press kit folder”.
  1. Save this fact sheet to your folder as a PDF.
  2. Make the fact sheet into a media kit page for your podcast web site.
  3. Put a link in the main menu of your website that says Press Kit or Media Kit. Make it easy to find.

Podcast Media Kit Landing Page Examples

Here are some solid examples of different types of landing pages for the media kit for different podcasts. Notice they all have links to the press or media kit in their website’s main menu:

Your Podcast Art

When we say “a big copy of your podcast art,” we mean print quality. It is entirely possible that a journalist might publish an article about your podcast in print media. If they do, they will want a visual to make their article stand out.

Art that is 300 dpi (dots per inch) or more works well for print media. Most art that works on a screen is 72 dpi, and won’t be clear in print.

Save it as a .png or .jpeg to your folder, with a clear name(i.e., “knitwitsmediakitart.png”), so that the recipient can find it easily.

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Here’s a deeper dive into creating artwork and logos for your podcast, too!

Update, Update, Update

When your podcast hits a production milestone, celebrate it on your press kit. Keep the information fresh. Add the good news to your fact sheet, both the web version and the PDF.

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Again, make sure that the home page of your podcast website has a clear and direct link to your press kit page.

Think about your topic, and where its enthusiasts look for information. For example, our hypothetical Knit Wits podcast might be interesting to knitting blogs, parenting magazines, and teachers’ forums.

Social media, of course, is another place to share your beautiful new media kit. If someone has been thinking about listening to your podcast, but hasn’t pressed play yet, the media kit could give them a nudge. Journalists look at social media too.

And speaking of journalists, here’s how to pitch your podcast to them.

Your podcast media kit will also come in handy when you send out a sponsor pitch.

For some other ideas, take a look at the website for your local newspaper. There might be an Arts & Culture reporter who would want to write about your work.

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You can look up the websites of people who write about podcasts, and check their review policies. Read the policies and follow the instructions. Learn a bit about what kind of shows they write about. If your show isn’t the kind of show they write about, move on to the next one.

Reach out to any writers via their preferred method (which is generally email). Introduce yourself and your show with a link to your press kit page. Politeness counts.

The easier you make it for people to write about you, the more likely they are to post a review that engages more listeners for your podcast!


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Podcasts are a unique form of media because people use them both to learn and to be entertained, according to The Canadian Podcast Listener 2020, which has released a sneak preview of some of its findings. The research says that the attentive, lean-in audience for podcasts is great for advertisers.

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Your favorite topic

The first podcast idea is also the most obvious. A podcast about something you find enjoyable. This could be your favorite book series, movie genre, professional industry, or music scene. Avoid topics you don't find interesting even if you think they would do well.

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20 step guide for starting a podcast with no existing audience
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  2. Create a listener persona (marketing)
  3. Pick an angle for your show (ideation)
  4. Define your brand idea (marketing)
  5. Choose your recording gear.
  6. Draft or script coherent c.a. 5 episodes.
  7. Record your episodes and cut your material.

What is the structure of a podcast? ›

There are three basic podcast segments every episode should have, no matter what. An intro, the main content, and an outro. You could also include special segments, like rapid fire questions, or fun games that you play with your guests from time to time!

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A podcast is a program made available in digital format for download over the Internet. For example, an episodic series of digital audio or video files that a user can download to a personal device to listen to at a time of their choosing.

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If your episodes get more than 124 downloads in 30 days, you're in the top 50% of podcasts. If your episodes get more than 1,000 downloads, you're in the top 20%. If your episodes get more than 2,900 downloads, you're in the top 10%.

Learn what a media kit, or press kit, is. Plus, what you should include in your own to ensure journalists want to cover your brand.

A media kit is also known as a press kit.. A comprehensive media kit should include a description of the company or individual, contact information, social media statistics, case studies, information on partnerships and collaborations, and testimonials from past customers.. Key elements of a media kit include a bio or About Us page, social media statistics, case studies, partnerships and collaborations, and testimonials.. Make sure your media kit design reinforces your overall brand identity, utilizing the colors, fonts, and other visual hallmarks set out in your branding guide.. (Added bonus: your external media resources are easily updated –– sparing you anxiety about outdated media kits and image files misrepresenting your brand.). On Slack’s website, its media kit has a table of contents that features summaries of each section with hyperlinks that bring users to a separate page, as shown in the image below.. If you download Slack’s media kit as a PDF, the table of contents lists a page number for each section, so viewers can quickly scroll to the page they need or type the page number into the search bar.. Hinge, a dating app, has a straightforward and easy to navigate press kit that gives those doing media inquiries quick access to critical information, like internal press releases:

Looking for the top podcasting starter kit? This is definitely the fastest and easiest way to get into podcasting today. Check out these packs now!

If you’re interested in starting your own podcast or just learning more about it, here are some tips on getting the best podcast starter kit.. The podcast starter kit pack also features 2 microphone inputs, class-A mic preamplifiers, +48V, and two switchable instrument inputs.. AudioBox USB podcast interface kit with cable M7 microphone Studio One software HD7 headphones Internal mixer 1/3U rack-mountable with zero-latency monitoring kit. Whether you are an established or just starting, the Focusrite Scarlett Solo Studio podcast starter kit is an ideal option to realize your dreams.. The Zoom LiveTrak L-12, a digital podcasting mixer with tons of great podcast features, is all the rage with small bands and recording artists looking to create a high-quality studio or live performance recordings.. It’s the only digital podcast console that gives you the ability to mix your live show and record up to 12 channels simultaneously with five individual custom headphone mixes.. A good quality podcast starter kit or podcasting packs consist of the following:. Podcasting Headphones Wearing headphones will allow you to monitor the podcast audio being recorded.. Digital Recorder While recording audio on a computer or smartphone is possible, most serious people depend on a digital recorder instead.. A headphone amplifier should also be considered if there are several people in the podcast recording studio.

Learn the podcast equipment you need to record a high-quality podcast, whether you’re on a shoestring budget or setting up a professional-level studio.

Want to record your own podcast?. And along the way, at each and every step, we are using some piece of specialized equipment—whether it’s a condenser microphone, an audio mixer, or audio restoration software.. So what kind of microphone should you use when making a podcast?. Condenser mics and dynamic mics.. If you’re serious about recording a podcast, you’ll almost certainly want to get one.. But what are you recording ONTO?. If you need more than 2 mics, then you’ll need…. Using audio restoration software, you can perform surgery on your audio files.. OK, so your podcast is recorded and edited.

Some of podcasting’s biggest names – including Marc Maron – told us their dos and donts ahead of the Now Hear This podcast festival

But with podcasting you don’t have much to lose.. Lauren Lapkus: ‘The connective tissue between storytelling, advice and comedy is passion.’ Photograph: PROne of the perks of my show’s format is that I don’t have to prepare in advance.. Aaron Mahnke: ‘All successful podcast do one thing: they deliver consistent quality content that exceeds the listeners’ expectations’ Photograph: PRThere’s no secret or magic pill to ensure a podcast’s success, but there are some best practices.. I think all successful podcast do one thing: they deliver consistent quality content that exceeds the listeners’ expectations.. The rest of my time is spent on the television show, press interviews, live shows, bookkeeping and admin, and fan email.. Linda Holmes: ‘Think about where you want the show to end up.’ Photograph: Larry French/APModest expectations are a very important starting point, especially with conversation-based podcasts.. People don’t understand that people who produce high-quality chat shows spend a lot of time editing and cutting them.. When you’re starting a podcast, think about where you want the show to end up and what you can do to get yourself to that point.. There is so much benefit in embracing other podcasts, other people who make podcasts.. If you listen to people who make other shows, if you engage with people who make other shows, you can learn so much about what you want to do with your own show.

Learn how to plan your podcast, write a podcast script, plan your segments & start producing quality podcast episodes today.

4.Write Your Podcast Intro Script : You need to grip your listeners in the first few seconds of an episode, and that’s why you’ll benefit from plotting out your words using a podcast intro script .. 9.Devise a Podcast Advertising Strategy : Podcasts often have devoted audiences who are more willing to act on an advertisement served to them via a podcast they enjoy compared to a TV commercial, online video ad, or radio ad.. Freestyle recordings are most similar to live radio shows or television interviews.. Ideas that they provide might refer to the length of segments, topics discussed, guests on the show, and so on.. Introduction: A monologue-style intro outlining your guests and what you plan to talk about on your show.. We’ve covered the 10 tips to planning a podcast and show structure template, and now it’s onto scripting.. When writing the intro script for the podcast, you should consider that this intro format will bring each episode of your podcast to your listeners.. 3 Tips on Things to Include in Your Podcast Intro:. In the outro of your podcast script, you will want to make sure you thank all of the guests who were on your show and recap a bit about what was discussed.. For instance, you will want to prepare a list of questions to ask your guest and group them based on the different topics you will cover.. In the podcast intro and outro script examples above, the host was chatting to a supermodel, famous for her costume parties.. Sign up for a Voices account to find the voice for your next podcast intro, podcast ads, or segue music.

We collected all the best advice for podcast promotion, including tips on how to drive more listens/reviews and get into iTunes New & Noteworthy.

We did all the podcast things we were supposed to do in order to make a really great podcast — the interviews, the mixing, the uploading — and now that the time had come to press publish …. Overcast Stitcher Podcast Addict Podcast subreddit PodcastLand (your podcast is automatically listed here if it’s in iTunes) TuneIn Bello Collective Castro Podcast Republic Downcast. In addition to Facebook and Twitter promotion, I got Feedly to feature my show’s audio feed as the 3 rd ranked recommendation in their “entrepreneurship channel.” This is essentially a curated list of content sources for people interested in Entrepreneurship.They included my show for a few weeks and it resulted into 1k+ feedly subscribers to my podcast feed .. To find a listing of podcasts in your niche, you can visit the iTunes listing page and view podcasts according to dozens of categories.. You have two months (eight weeks) to get there before your podcast joins back with the rest of the podcast listings.

Ever wonder how to make a podcast? In Podcasting 101, Amanda DiSilvestro details podcasting for beginners in just five steps; podcasting equipment, software and content.

How To Podcast – Podcasting For Beginners. Creating a podcast seems like a lot of complicated work, but it’€™s entirely possible to create a quality, interesting podcast while still remaining pretty basic.. Podcasts can be offered through iTunes or a company can post the podcast straight to their website.. Podcasts are often successful if you ask users to subscribe to the podcast.. Once you have a feel for the purpose of a podcast and how you will be able to use a podcast to engage customers and clients, it’s time to get started.. Most companies who are just starting out with podcasting buy a podcasting kit.. Step #3 : Record your podcast. At the start of your podcasting efforts, it makes sense to give away your podcast for free.. Software Summary for Your Podcast. It sounds like there is a lot of software that you have to buy in order to create a podcast.

Want to learn how to make a podcast? Follow our easy step by step instructions to start a successful podcast today.

Also, choose an appropriate title, topic, and format right at the start.. This will make sure that your audience gets all of the information that they need about your podcast.. After converting your file into MP3 and selecting the right podcast hosting platform, you need to upload your podcast onto that hosting service.. After you publish your podcast, you need to select a podcast directory that helps listeners discover, listen, and subscribe to your podcasts.. This makes it an essential directory for your podcast show.. This is another popular podcast platform that hosts many podcasts.. Podcasts are free to create and listen to.. How to start a podcast for free?. The hosting platform and the podcast directory are two different places where the former publishes the show and helps the podcaster to take it to a directory.. After producing an episode, choose a podcast hosting service and submit it to their directory to reach out to your audience.

Learn to make a successful podcast step by step. Record, edit and upload it to iTunes easily. Check how to make money with a podcast and grow your audience.

A good microphone is a must-have for recording a podcast.. You should listen to other podcasts of a kind and check what information is missing or outdated to make your recording come forward.. You’ll get time to read the information concerning your topic and listen to the podcasts of other people.. If everything is OK, you can start with the podcast.. Listen to your podcast again.. SoundCloud offers a free podcast hosting option and allows you to share your podcast with the world via RSS.. Then paste your RSS feed URL in iTunes ( More -> Podcast -> Quick Links tab -> Submit a Podcast ).. It’s a new podcast hosting and analytics platform that offers unlimited storage, downloads, analytics, and even a custom domain site for your podcast.. To make a podcast is not enough.. There are millions of podcasts and podcasters.. Thus the more podcasts you create during this time, the more listeners you may get.. An interesting title and a trending topic will make people listen to your podcast.. Add podcast description with corresponding keywords, add your podcast script, interesting notes, and art.

If you want engaged listeners, you need engaging podcast content. In this article, we go over some important strategies to create engaging podcast content.

If you want engaged listeners you have to create engaging podcast content – the type of content they can’t wait to get more of.. It not only helps you produce engaging content but it also is a key factor in consistently creating new episodes for your audience to enjoy.. You have give toyour listeners a reason to follow your show and this means creating podcast content that’s actionable.. For instance, if your music podcast discusses how difficult it is for young artists to get noticed, create more actionable podcast content by providing instructions on how to get noticed.. The benefits of this approach are two fold–you receive entertaining podcast content and your audience gets the excitement of having their answers read live on your show.. These experts make great guests because they know how to perform on a podcast, but your listeners have heard them before.. Create more engaging podcast interviews by listening carefully to the guest’s comments then ask follow-up questions or chime in with your interesting tidbits.. This is when you’ll access the off-the-cuff conversations that make your podcast content sticky, leaving you with a unique interview not found anywhere else.. When focusing on guests that don’t pop around the “podcast circuit”, make sure they still have these key qualities to ensure they’ll provide engaging content.. The most engaging podcast content helps readers explore further and gives them ways to learn more.. But if you want to create truly engaging podcast content, it’s best to be yourself.. New listeners can now discover your engaging podcast content as they search for information about the topics you’re covering.. By providing search engines additional content to “crawl”, your podcast is more likely to show up in search results and in turn scale your audience.. Castos’ Express Launch service answers all of those lingering questions you have about your new show and takes care of setting up your podcast distribution so you can back to creating more content.

Create, distribute, host, and monetize your podcast, 100% free.

Listeners feel connected to the podcasts they listen to, and to the people on them.. It’s really fun - and so rewarding to hear that people love listening to your podcast.. The first episode of our own podcast, “I Should Start a Podcast”, is all about finding a topic for your show:. Your podcast is automatically available for people to hear on Anchor as soon as you add some audio.. But you’ll probably want to also make it available on other podcast platforms, like Apple Podcasts (aka iTunes), Google Play Music, Overcast, Pocket Casts, Spotify, and more.. With Anchor, all you need to do is select the button that says “Distribute my podcast everywhere.” We’ll automatically submit your podcast to Apple Podcasts, Google Play Music, Overcast, and Pocket Casts.. Read more about Anchor's features > Conversations can make your podcast come alive, and give your listener the chance to sit in on an amazing discussion.. With Anchor, if you choose to distribute your podcast everywhere, we’ll automatically submit your podcast to other podcast platforms, like Apple Podcasts, Overcast, Pocket Casts, Spotify, and more.. For now, if you’d like to make your podcast available on additional platforms that we don’t automatically distribute to, you can easily submit your podcast anywhere you want using the RSS feed you can find in your settings.. Read more about distributing your podcast on Anchor > As soon as you’ve set up your new podcast, you’ll want to start telling people about it.. Anyone with an Anchor podcast gets a custom Anchor URL (e.g., When you share this link with people, they’ll be taken right to your podcast – either in the Anchor mobile app if they have it installed, or your Anchor web profile if they don’t.. Your Anchor profile includes links to all the platforms where your podcast is available, so you don’t have to worry about which link to share with people.. They can listen on Anchor, or in whatever podcast app they prefer!. It’s a great way to easily get more audio for your podcast, and get your listeners directly involved with your show!

7 tips for making the perfect podcast How we created a top 10 iTunes podcast Podcasts aren't maybe the hottest digital marketing technique, but I've personally found them to really effective.

In this post I'll show you how I've built my podcasts and go them into the top positions in the iTunes chart, the key place to build a podcast audience.. I started recording a podcast a number of years ago with no budget and no idea about podcasting.. After much trial and error, the podcast became one of the world’s most popular digital marketing podcast (according to iTunes).. Once I left the company I started my original podcast with, I went on to start the Digital Marketing Podcast , which is now a top 20 iTunes podcast worldwide.. How to start podcasting for marketing. From my own listening experience, I knew that I would very quickly stop listening to anything that was echoey, tinny or generally sounded cheaply and poorly recorded.The problem with this idea, is that creating good quality recorded audio is very difficult.. I am now also recording more in depth single topic podcasts but I see these more as audio training.

Finding it difficult to make your own incredible podcast? Check out great tips on how to become one of the greatest podcasters of all time.

The hot new topic in social and content marketing is definitely podcasting.. Edison Research has discovered that approximately 16% of smartphone users listen to podcasts.. Using the platform, it’s easy to figure out how to create a podcast and post to iTunes.. Editing your podcasts is just as critical as formatting blog posts ; you’ll lose the majority of your audience without it.. If you’re investing heavily in learning how to create a podcast as a component of your content marketing strategy, it will pay to become an expert on sound editing.. Get Discovered: SEO Optimize for search engines and iTunes, and create professional artwork to lend instant credibility.

Podcast is becoming very popular these days. It is the best way to connecr with users. Here are the guide on how to start a podcast

“Well, to learn podcast we need to spend money initially, but we don’t need any training to learn podcast.. You can use any Microphone to record our podcast.. However, it depends on you what type of Microphones you want, whether its analog microphone or USB microphone.. In Audio Interface, We can start recording via Analog Microphones.. For example, if you want to make a podcast for music, there’ll be an audience for that podcast.. Connect your Microphone and make a recording to check your audio levels.. Click on the record button and Audacity will start capturing your audio.. With the section of music which you selected, find the Trim Audio Button on Audacity toolbar.. Multiple Microphones helps us to fix other’s people audio easily by adjusting the Microphone sound level.. With multiple USB Microphones, Audacity can record one audio input at a time.

Creating podcasts in the classroom has many educational benefits, including strengthening skills in research, writing, and collaboration — and podcasting is easy to do. This article walks you through the steps of preproduction, recording, postproduction, and publishing.

Creating podcasts in the classroom has many educational benefits, including strengthening skills in research, writing, and collaboration — and podcasting is easy to do.. If your podcast is involving an entire classroom of students, the teacher should find ways to involve everyone in preproduction.. The teacher and students then select which segments should be included in the podcast.. This way everyone is involved, the podcast gets the best segments, and the recording will be an appropriate length.. We've had adult volunteers take students in the hallway to listen to them practice what they will say in the podcast.. Many of them involve students recording audio.. Apple has useful information for using GarageBand for recording podcasts.. First, recording last allows you to introduce exactly what will be in the podcast because it has already been recorded.. Podsafe music is the term for music that can be legally used in a podcast and freely distributed online for others to download.. A free alternative for the RSS feed is to use the Blogger and Feedburner method for publishing the web page and RSS feed for a podcast. Submit the web address of your RSS feed to podcast directories, including iTunes, to tell the world about the podcast!

Discover how to podcast production and publishing works in this step by step guide. Create, edit, upload, tag, and do SEO for podcasting.

It could be as simple as recording a podcast on your smartphone , or you could buy a microphone, download audio software, and record the audio straight to your computer .. If you DO record your podcast on a phone , you will also need to upload the file to your computer for editing.. But with a bit of practice, you should be good to go to record and edit your podcast files, regardless of whether you recorded it on your phone or on your computer.. If you listen to many podcasts, you will quickly realize that most podcasters have specially designed intros and outros for their podcast shows.. They help to brand your podcasts and make them recognizable to listeners for you the podcast host!. Then, just save them as MP3 clips to edit onto your podcast files audio.. So listen to some podcasts, gain some inspiration from what other people are doing for intros and outros, and start designing your own to go along with your recorded podcast audio!. Your Intro Your outro The audio that you recorded (or ripped off of your own YouTube video) that will serve as the main body of audio for your podcast. As soon as you get done editing your podcast in the audio editor, save it as a WAV file.. There are so many different podcast hosting platforms available to upload your podcast to.. Choose additional tags that your target audience would be searching for Write out a brief, relevant, accurate description of what your podcast episode is about Make sure to include each one of your additional, episode-specific tags in your description as well I put links to both the relevant blog post and YouTube video in the description as well, in case my listeners want to check those out.. Podcasting done the right way will involve tons of outreach to get your name as a podcast host out there.

Three popular podcast hosts tell us how they started their podcasts, the equipment they use, and tips for keeping your audience entertained

So you want to start a podcast.. “There is a lot of competition for people’s attention,” says Jake Brennan, the host of “ Disgraceland, ” a true crime podcast that explores the criminal underbelly of the music industry.. We asked three popular podcast hosts to tell us how they started their podcasts, the equipment they recommend and their tips for keeping your audience inspired and entertained.. “Once you’ve thought about all of that,” Inslee continues, “listen to the other radio hosts and podcasters you look up to and pay close attention to their interview and mic techniques.. Brennan is even more to the point: “You need GREAT content,” he says, “not good content but GREAT content.. You’ll need something to record your podcasts onto, and somewhere to house all your raw interviews and tracks.. Brennan recommends the Heil PR 40 ( $399.99 on ).. Reviewers say the device is easy to use, and that the mics do a great job of cutting out noise, even in loud environments.. The “FU” guys recommend downloading Garageband or Audacity , which turn your laptop or tablet into a full-fledged recording studio.. Both companies offer free versions of their software, which lets you record live audio, edit files, change the speed/pitch of your recordings, cut and splice, and output your podcast to a digital sound file ( download Garageband here | download Audacity here ).. “I always tell people it’s the content – not the equipment – that makes a great podcast,” says Inslee.. “When it’s at its best, you feel like you’re in the room with the host and guests.”


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