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Making an answer key in Google Forms

  1. Go to Google Forms and create a new form
  2. Click on Settings and toggle on the Make this a quiz switch
  3. Go back to the Questions tab to add your quiz questions
  4. Add an answer key to each question
  5. Add an answer explanation (optional)

It’s official — we’re now in the era of the digital classroom. Desktops, laptops, and tablets are now ubiquitous in modern teaching environments. Comprehensive learning tools and web-based assistants like Blackboard and Canvas enhance the experience and make connecting with your students and tracking their performance more hands-on than ever before.

E-learning is now expected to balloon to a nearly $375 billion market by 2026, a growth rate of 14.6 percent year over year. Thankfully, teachers don’t even have to learn cumbersome coding or use expensive technology to take advantage of these tools. There’s never been a better time to use e-learning solutions in your classroom, from interactive studies to game-based learning and beyond.

One way to keep your students engaged and make your job as an educator more manageable is through the accessible and convenient Google Workspace products. With Google Forms, for instance, you can create exams or pop quizzes that make grading a snap. To make tracking and grading your tests as seamless as possible, you’ll need to learn how to make an answer key in Google Forms.

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Create your answer key

Before you can figure out how to make an answer key in Google Forms, you have to nail down the kinds of questions you want to ask in your quiz. You have several options to choose from:

  • Short answer
  • Multiple choice
  • Checkboxes
  • Dropdown
  • Multiple choice grid (responders select an answer within rows and columns)
  • Checkbox grid (responders check off one or more answers within rows and columns)

Most of these are self-explanatory and familiar to teachers. For long-form answers, an answer key won’t be of use since you’ll need to grade each response individually — in that case, you can review and grade answers one by one.

To get started, go to Google Forms and create a new form. On that form, click on the Settings tab and turn on the Make this a quiz switch. Now you can create your answer key as you create your quiz.

Go back to the Questions tab to add your quiz questions, selecting the type of question and filling in the accompanying text. (You can also choose the Blank Quiz from the template gallery to get started quickly.)

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As you add questions, use the Answer Key button in the bottom left of the question box to write in or select the correct answer. Enter the number of points the question is worth in the top right.

To help reinforce the lesson and give students more context on the subject matter, click Add answer feedback to share a message or even YouTube videos and links to the correct answer. That way students can learn from mistakes or get additional information on correct answers. You can also set whether you want students to see feedback after completing the question or the entire quiz.

Pro Tip

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Build online quizzes and grade them automatically with Jotform — for free!

Grading with the answer key

Now that you know how to make an answer key in Google Forms, grading your quizzes is automatic, as you can see results immediately. Then, it’s easy to send results directly to your students.

After students submit the quiz, go back to the form and select the Responses tab. Underneath, click Summary to find the responses from all your students. If you previously chose to withhold sending responses to students until you had a chance to review, you can now email results individually to start a discussion about their performance, if needed.

Build and score quizzes with Jotform

Even when you know how to make an answer key in Google Forms, you might find that its features aren’t as comprehensive as you were hoping. If you’re looking for a quiz platform or form builder with more options for customization, Jotform is the solution for you.

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With Jotform, you can build quizzes and tests effortlessly with more than 100 customizable quiz templates to choose from. Add custom images and fonts or, if you want a more interactive quiz, explore using conditional logic to hide or reveal questions based on a student’s previous responses. With Jotform’s Quiz tool, you can not only create tests of your own but also an answer key to automatically grade and collect results and export the results.

For large class sizes and schools, teachers can customize forms with branding and take advantage of unlimited submission storage with Jotform’s paid plans. The best part is that Jotform doesn’t have to break the bank for cost-conscious schools. Jotform offers educators and school administrators a special educational discount of 50 percent off the monthly cost of its Bronze, Silver, and Gold plans — making it a top choice for those looking for better form-building options at an affordable price.

With Jotform, reviewing and responding to your students’ performance is easier than ever. When you have a clear picture of class progress, you can better plan the trajectory of your teaching plan. Then you can give each pupil the attention they deserve and the opportunity to succeed.

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This article is originally published on Mar 30, 2022, and updated on Jan 26, 2023.


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