Mobile apps as marketing tools: types, goals, and building strategies | Smart Insights (2022)

Apps offer effective solutions for communicating with users and keeping them with the brand

Every job requires a tool, and brand marketing is no exception. The era of mobile devices also asks for something new, different from old but gold TV, radio ads, and street banners. Mobile branding apps are the exact tools that today's brands require.

In this article, we're discovering the business goals branded app development solves, types of apps you can design, and points to be taken into account.

Business goals of branded apps – what to consider?

Today, companies often turn to branded apps to increase conversion and ensure a great user experience. These applications offer effective solutions for communicating with users and keeping them with the brand. In general terms, mobile app branding means how users will see the app while interacting with it. It stands for visual image, communication, and reputation.

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If you already have a business and think of building a personally branded app, mind that there are some objectives the product should fulfill. We can define the following business goals:

  • Communication
  • CRM
  • Sales
  • Product innovation
  • Marketing search

Now, let’s review them in more details.


Talking to users is vital for increasing brand awareness. Branded apps, predictably, contain tons of details about the products they promote. Modern trends tell us that the more information formats we use, the better it is. So if you want your brand to grow in popularity and attract customers, use pictures, audio, video content, and AR/VR.


There's a need to introduce your brand in order to connect a customer with it. This is a job for your app to do. On top of this, it also collects information about existing and potential customers, making it easier to launch targeted marketing campaigns or find a personal approach.


The 'no money, no talk' approach is not a winning one here. Instead, you'd want to engage users and turn them into loyal customers. Great user experience, generous sales offers and good-old personalized approach are your best friends.


Apps with the aim of product innovation let users influence these products and suggest their design patterns. The most active users are rewarded and the company gets a wide range of ideas to apply. This helps drive further user awareness.


Marketers work hard on figuring out users' pains, expectations and solutions they want to see. Marketing research apps allow them to better understand users and thus make the product more important for them.

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Types of branded apps: A short overview

Before handing the project to mobile app developers, you should figure out the business goals it should fulfill. Then it's time to choose the type of the app and, finally, get down to building the product.

We've defined five general types of brand marking apps.

Mobile apps as marketing tools: types, goals, and building strategies | Smart Insights (2)

Apps that are tools

These applications offer functionality that helps users to perform various tasks. They are mainly built for collecting information about tasks users perform and their results. It gathers data about customers' needs and analyzes it. This, again, helps with improving the service and is a big step to meeting users’ requirements.

Examples? Nike Running Club may be the most popular example of a successful branded app. Using the platform, runners track distances, share their results on social networks and store activity logs and, of course, buy brand new running shoes.

Mobile apps as marketing tools: types, goals, and building strategies | Smart Insights (3)

Apps that are games

Game apps are very interactive and allow customers to create their own product on the basis of the existing options. The use of gamification principles works for engaging users that get nice bonuses while playing and turn into loyal customers.

Domino's Pizza Hero app's best illustration. It looks like a real game: an app where you're making your own pizza. Users can easily mix ingredients, choose sauces, cut cheese and much more.

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Apps – social instruments

These apps are built to promote the company name by developing its brand identity with the help of social media. Their main goal is popularizing a specific brand and building a community of loyal users.

For instance, the ‘World of Coca-Cola Explorer’ app developed by Coca-Cola encourages users to takes photos of them, their friends and family. Amusing frames, cool effects and ease of use are included. What's more, not only can users take pictures but they can easily share them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too. The social shares help build awareness and brand popularity.

Mobile apps as marketing tools: types, goals, and building strategies | Smart Insights (4)

The main goal of social apps is to popularize a brand using social networks. Such applications successfully build a community of loyal customers.

Sales apps

These apps are predictably aimed at selling goods. Or at least for preparing users to buy them. For example, IKEA Place app makes use of AR technology to show and promote the company’s products. It lets people try to place pieces of furniture in their homes to check if the new item fits well. A great way of dealing with customers in a profitable but non-intrusive manner.

Mobile apps as marketing tools: types, goals, and building strategies | Smart Insights (5)

Apps for design

Good-looking mobile design always attracts and brand design apps know how to capture users' attention very well. For instance, Camper Weather app's a great example of an innovative mobile design that pleases the eye.

Each design element's well-made and on its place, and interface reacts to touches by imitating musical instruments. Still, Camper is not connected with meteorology in any way – it's a shoe brand. It's quite logical that they don't advertise their articles there. The main intention was to show customers the philosophy behind the concept and that’s it.

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Mobile apps as marketing tools: types, goals, and building strategies | Smart Insights (6)

How to build a brand app?

Finally, it’s high time to find out how exactly companies create branded apps. To make the app appealing, you should consider three important points:

  • Mobile orientation
  • Social features
  • Brand mentions

First of all, focus on mobile features. It's very important to follow the latest trends in mobile development. This helps to attract more users and turn them into engaged customers. For instance, they may use a device camera to take pics with a brand logo and post them in social media. Bar and QR-codes scanning are not that new, but it's still a great and convenient feature.

Second, social features.

Let's accept that social networks work great for any business. So the effectiveness of your new branded app also depends on interactions with social media. This feature positively impacts customers' satisfaction and ensures their loyalty.

Examples? Shared photos, videos, comments, ratings, and other things we do in social networks each and every day. When designing the app, think of these interactions along with well-thought-out content.

Finally, brand mention. These elements are here and there in every app. Logo, name, colours, and even mascots. It's very important to include these details in the apps so that users will recognize them and associate the app with your brand.

So brand app development requires a wise and cautious approach. The perfect app should balance between all levels of customer motivation. Try to mix entertainment, information, socialization and modern trends together, and don't forget about functionality!

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The more planned and good-looking the app is, the more customers it will attract. So good luck with searching for your own perfect strategy.

Sergey Lypchenko is a technical writer at Cleveroad. It is a web and mobile app development company located in Eastern Europe. Their main goal is to develop first-rate and competitive software for our customers. His mission is to provide people with interesting material about innovations in the world of IT.


Which marketing strategy is used for mobile apps? ›

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is the use of influencers to reach new users and promote your brand. This app marketing strategy has taken the industry by storm in recent years, with a 65 percent increase for influencer marketing budgets this year.

What is a smart goal process describe your marketing goals through smart goal process? ›

SMART marketing goals is a framework for successful goal setting. It stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely. When it comes to earning buy-in and winning over even the most skeptical executive, the SMART goal framework can move mountains.

How the identified SMART objectives can be achieved using digital marketing and digital channels? ›

The objectives you decide on for your digital marketing need to be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely). Some examples of SMART digital marketing objectives are: Achieve 200 'contact us' conversions via organic search traffic by the end of the financial year.

What type of marketing is an app? ›

In-app marketing is any message or marketing campaign that's designed to be displayed to your customers while they're inside and actively using your app. In-app marketing allows businesses to use real-time and personalized messages to help engage, retain and upsell customers to new products.

Why is mobile marketing important? ›

Mobile marketing enables businesses to reach mobile users in specific locations — and adapt their marketing campaigns and messaging accordingly. Geographic targeting is a critical advantage for any business to have since people carry their smartphones with them as they travel and visit different locations.

Why is it important to follow the SMART principle in stating the goals in marketing plan? ›

Effective SMART goals can help marketing teams clarify their objectives, identify areas of improvement and create successful advertising campaigns. By using SMART goals in your marketing efforts, you may increase your overall revenue and improve customer relationships.

How do you set SMART marketing goals you can achieve? ›

When you use a SMART approach to marketing objectives, it means you're setting goals for projects and campaigns that are:
  1. Specific: Clear and focused on one target. ...
  2. Measurable: Quantifiable with an attached metric. ...
  3. Attainable: Realistically able to be achieved. ...
  4. Relevant: Tied to a broader business or marketing goal.
3 May 2022

What are the 5 SMART goals examples? ›

Personal SMART Goal Examples
  • Get Fit. Weak Goal Example: I'm going to get fit. SMART Goal Example: ...
  • Achieve a Personal Project. Weak Goal Example: I'm going to write a book. SMART Goal Example: ...
  • Improve Relationships. Weak Goal Example: I'm going to improve my relationships. SMART Goal Example:
22 Mar 2021

What make a good marketing objective it is often said that an effective marketing objective meets the SMART criteria? ›

By definition, an effective SMART marketing objective is: Specific, measurable, actionable, relevant, and time-bound. One of the main reasons we called our site and service SMART Insights is because we help marketers succeed through using a more structured approach to their marketing strategy and planning.

How does digital marketing contribute to overall marketing objectives? ›

It encompasses a wide range of activities, including email marketing, social media marketing, online advertising, and mobile marketing. Digital marketing contributes to overall marketing objectives by providing a means to reach a larger audience more efficiently and effectively.

What is the importance of mobile application? ›

Mobile apps permit the users to have functional access to products, information, process, and services that they would demand in real-time. Moreover, it enables the business to send notifications about changes in products and services or something new. Even without the internet, the apps perform simple functions.

What are the benefits of having an app? ›

Benefits of Mobile Apps for Business
  • Direct Communication and Engagement with Clients and Customers. ...
  • Improve Customer Engagement. ...
  • Increase Brand Awareness. ...
  • Create a Useful Marketing Channel. ...
  • Create an Effective Loyalty Programme. ...
  • Get Ahead of Your Competition. ...
  • To Create a Barrier to Entry. ...
  • Offers Unique Services.
29 Sept 2020

What is a mobile app used for? ›

What Does Mobile Application (Mobile App) Mean? A mobile application, most commonly referred to as an app, is a type of application software designed to run on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet computer. Mobile applications frequently serve to provide users with similar services to those accessed on PCs.

How can mobile marketing help a business grow? ›

Businesses that direct their marketing efforts at mobile devices can reach out to a much wider audience. Gaining the upper hand in mobile marketing helps you adapt to a world that is increasingly mobile and be better prepared for the marketing of the future.

Is mobile marketing effective? ›

Mobile marketing is one of the most effective ways to generate results and grow your business. There are over 5 billion owners of mobile phones around the globe, meaning that you can get your message in front of your target audience within a matter of seconds.

What are the main benefits and concerns of mobile advertising? ›

Mobile marketing has some substantial advantages over other channels. Marketing in apps revolutionized the way that marketers perform campaigns. The main benefits of mobile advertising include an increase in customer engagement, cost-effectiveness, or personalized messages to the target group.

What is mobile marketing in simple words? ›

Mobile marketing is a multi-channel, digital marketing strategy aimed at reaching a target audience through smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, via websites, email, SMS and MMS, social media and apps.

What is the role of mobile in digital marketing? ›

Mobile marketing tools are digital marketing strategies that companies use to reach their target audience through a variety of channels that are available on smartphones, tablets, and other digital devices. These can include ads placed on social media, such as Twitter and Instagram, or pop-up ads on browsers.

What is the trend of mobile marketing? ›

Mobile Marketing Trends In 2022

Video Content 📹 TikTok Marketing 📲 Content Personalization 💁 Mobile Commerce 🛒

How can the SMART goal setting strategy help a person set and achieve goals? ›

The Importance of SMART Goal Setting

SMART goals set you up for success by making goals specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely. The SMART method helps push you further, gives you a sense of direction, and helps you organize and reach your goals.

What is SMART goal What steps have you taken to achieve your goal? ›

The SMART in SMART goals stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. Defining these parameters as they pertain to your goal helps ensure that your objectives are attainable within a certain time frame.

What is a SMART goal example? ›

SMART goal example for work

Specific: I will start a side business selling flowers. Measurable: I'll spend at least two hours a day planning and marketing my business. Attainable: I used to sell vegetables from my garden, so now I'll use my expertise to switch to flowers.

Why is marketing important for the success of the business? ›

The importance of marketing for your business is that it makes the customers aware of your products or services, engages them, and helps them make the buying decision. Furthermore, a marketing plan, a part of your business plan helps in creating and maintaining demand, relevance, reputation, competition, etc.

Why is it important for a business to set goals? ›

Goals are an important part of running a successful business. They can give you a clear focus, motivate employees and set targets for your business to work towards. Goal setting can also provide you with a set of criteria to see if your business is succeeding.

What is an explanation of the goals needs to achieve with marketing efforts? ›

What are marketing goals? A marketing goal is a specific and measurable objective that helps you meet your broader business goals. It can be anything from generating high-quality leads and raising brand awareness to increasing customer value and improving your referral rate.

How do you write a SMART goal effectively? ›

To make sure your goals are clear and reachable, each one should be:
  1. Specific (simple, sensible, significant).
  2. Measurable (meaningful, motivating).
  3. Achievable (agreed, attainable).
  4. Relevant (reasonable, realistic and resourced, results-based).

How do you set SMART goals for yourself? ›

First consider what you want to achieve, and then commit to it. Set SMART (specific, measureable, attainable, relevant and time-bound) goals that motivate you and write them down to make them feel tangible. Then plan the steps you must take to realize your goal, and cross off each one as you work through them.

Why are personal goals important? ›

Setting goals helps trigger new behaviors, helps guides your focus and helps you sustain that momentum in life. Goals also help align your focus and promote a sense of self-mastery. In the end, you can't manage what you don't measure and you can't improve upon something that you don't properly manage.

What is your primary goal for your new digital marketing efforts? ›

Key Takeaways. Digital marketing goals often focus on new customer acquisition, better leads, and brand awareness.

What is the most common goal for a digital marketer? ›

There is a plethora of goals you can set up, but here are some of the most popular: Generate more leads: Generating leads is one of the top priorities for businesses and marketers. Improve your conversion rate: Another popular digital marketing objective is to convert more readers/viewers/followers into customers.

What is digital marketing strategy explain with example? ›

Examples of digital marketing strategies include a social media campaign that includes partnerships with influencers, a content marketing strategy that uses online guides to drive leads, or a growth marketing strategy that uses social media and email build customer loyalty.

What is a smart goal process describe your marketing goals through smart goal process? ›

SMART marketing goals is a framework for successful goal setting. It stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely. When it comes to earning buy-in and winning over even the most skeptical executive, the SMART goal framework can move mountains.

What key marketing objectives a marketing director should focus on when developing a marketing plan? ›

As a start, consider that a typical marketing plan has at least four objectives:
  • Lead generation. Finding prospects.
  • Brand awareness. Making those prospects aware of your company and its products.
  • Brand consideration. Getting prospects to think of you.
  • Sales. Convincing prospects to buy from you.

What is an example of a marketing strategy? ›

Marketing strategies

For example, if your marketing plan is to promote a new product or service, you might have a strategy dedicated to how you're going to use email marketing to support these broader goals. Every marketing plan will most likely produce several marketing strategies as part of the broader plan.

Why digital marketing is important now a days? ›

Digital Marketing hence generates better income, along with better conversion rates with the use of successful strategies to enhance the business growth of any company or organization. Ability to interact with prospect customers and understanding exactly what products or services they are looking for them.

Which of the following is the most important for the success of digital marketing? ›

The customer experience is the most important for the success of Digital Marketing.

How does digital marketing help your business grow? ›

Digital marketing helps to measure every click and helps in identifying user behavior and buying patterns. It also helps to give detail insights about your target audience so that you can make super targeted ads. The amount of data which you can gather with the help of Digital Marketing is invaluable.

How have mobile apps changed our world? ›

Today, you have mobile applications for everything, right from ordering food, getting a cab and even online washing. Mobile apps have changed the way we travel, book hotels, eat out, read news, bank, shop, and many other facets of our world.

Why mobile app developing is beneficial to a business needs? ›

Mobile apps can build loyal customer bases, provide insightful customer data and more. Businesses should understand the many ways these apps can enhance CX. Although people can still experience the internet from a desktop computer, mobile applications have become an increasingly popular way to interact online.

Why are apps important to marketers and consumers? ›

Together with mobile websites, mobile apps have become important to both consumers and marketers. Mobile app marketing is an advertising medium that can complement a brand's offline experience, drive e-commerce, or simply help connect a brand with its loyal customers.

How an app can help your business? ›

Powerful Call to Action: Mobile apps are the reason behind increasing your brand value and maximizing your revenue. If your mobile app is enabling your users to visit it often, you can convert the visits into customers through a call to action. Users nowadays are spending less time in decision making before purchasing.

What is the impact of mobile applications in our daily lives? ›

It has revolutionized the way we work, play, communicate and shop. With the help of social networking sites, we get to know everything about a person who is very far from us. Video calling reduced the distance. Shopping apps have saved a lot of time which was earlier spent in malls and markets.

Does your business need a mobile app? ›

The thing is, most businesses do not need an app and they should focus instead on having a mobile-friendly website design.

What technology is used to develop mobile apps? ›

Python, Java, Flutter, React Native, Swift, Kotlin, R Programming can be used to develop a mobile application as they are the top mobile app technologies. Which stack is best for Android mobile app development? Java has turned out to be the most widely utilized programming language for creating Android apps.

What is mobile app example? ›

Some examples of common types of mobile apps in the utility category are: Reminders. Calculator. Flashlight.

How do you create a marketing strategy for an app? ›

With the right app launch marketing plan, however, you could be there sooner than you think.
  1. Build an App Landing Page. ...
  2. Get Your App Reviewed and Rated. ...
  3. Utilize the Viral Loop. ...
  4. Optimize for App Stores. ...
  5. Captivate Your Audience With Video. ...
  6. Create a Press Kit. ...
  7. Run App Store Ads. ...
  8. Publish Press Releases.
12 Jul 2022

How do you develop a marketing strategy for an app? ›

The Awareness, or Pre-Launch Stage
  1. Determine a release date. ...
  2. Conduct market research to understand your customers. ...
  3. Create user personas. ...
  4. Conduct a competitive analysis. ...
  5. Create a website, or landing page. ...
  6. Outreach initiatives. ...
  7. Promote on social. ...
  8. Create a content marketing strategy.

What is mobile marketing in digital marketing? ›

Mobile marketing relates to any promotional activity that takes place on smartphones and other handheld devices, including tablets and other cell/mobile phones. Mobile marketing aims to reach an audience of mobile users through methods such as mobile-optimized ads, push notifications and mobile applications.

How do you attract users to your apps? ›

7 Strategies to Get Your App Discovered
  1. Focus on App Store Optimization (ASO)
  2. Promote the app on your website.
  3. Create email marketing campaigns.
  4. Lean on social media.
  5. Use in-app and online ads.
  6. Develop a PR Strategy.
  7. Think about Offline Ad Campaigns.
20 Feb 2018

How are apps changing the face of marketing? ›

Apps can also bring down the communication barrier between a business and its customers, resulting in more productive interactions and thereby increasing trust levels. The app will also allow you to expand the range of your business and reach out to a broader customer base.

How does mobile app marketing work? ›

What is Mobile App Marketing? Mobile app marketing is about interacting with your customers from when they first hear about your app to when they become a regular and loyal user. To do this effectively, you have to figure out your potential audience, where to find those people and what to say to them.

What points shall be kept in mind while developing any effective mobile marketing program? ›

The 7 Keys to Mobile Marketing
  • Prioritize Mobile Web Design. ...
  • Improve Site Speed. ...
  • Create Content with Mobile in Mind. ...
  • Incorporate Messaging into Your Mobile Marketing Strategy. ...
  • Target Using Data Insights. ...
  • Take Advantage of Mobile Advertising. ...
  • Consider App Development.

Why is mobile advertising becoming more popular? ›

People keep their cell phones with them no matter where they are. Most phone internet service providers have a broad coverage, which means that you can be online, irrespective of your location. And this is exactly the reason why mobile advertising can reach your customers, no matter where they are.

What are the important guideline for mobile marketing? ›

Be Cognizant of Your Users

As a result, it is vital that you are mindful and respectful of the importance of valuable content. This is particularly true in terms of push notifications. Each time that your brand sends out a push notification, you are in essence, interrupting whatever your user is doing.

What are the features of mobile advertising? ›

5 Essential Features of a Mobile Marketing Platform
  • Mobile advertising.
  • Mobile search.
  • Mobile optimized websites.
  • SMS.
  • Mobile coupons.
  • Native mobile apps.
  • Location-based offers.
  • QR codes.
12 Aug 2016

How can I promote my app without money? ›

10 Ways to Market Your Mobile App Without Spending Money
  1. Identify Your App's Targeted Users. ...
  2. Launch an SEO-Optimized WordPress Website. ...
  3. Market on Twitter. ...
  4. Promote on Facebook. ...
  5. Spread Message on Linkedin. ...
  6. YouTube/Video Marketing. ...
  7. Press Releases. ...
  8. Creative Visual Ideas.
28 May 2019

How do I develop an app? ›

How to create an app for mobile devices
  1. Get your app idea on paper.
  2. Build a Native app or a PWA, based on your needs.
  3. Make your app using the right method for your business.
  4. Create an app with an app builder (no-code option)
  5. Test your app on iOS and Android devices.
  6. Submit and Publish your app on the stores.
1 Jun 2022

How can I promote my app for free? ›

Consider promoting your app through Linkedin and Facebook groups, content discovery tools and online forums.
  1. Optimize your app for the app store. ...
  2. Create a landing page. ...
  3. Use QR codes. ...
  4. Ask customers for reviews. ...
  5. Create unique content. ...
  6. Produce guest posts. ...
  7. Use guest blogging. ...
  8. Take advantage of social media.
21 Apr 2020


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