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About this university

Founded more than 100 years ago, Swinburne University of Technology is a world-class university creating social and economic impact through science, technology and innovation. Originally a technical college, in 1963 Swinburne led the way with one of the first industry-based learning programs and from the 1970s offered degrees in engineering, accounting, chemistry and arts.

Awarded university status in 1992, Swinburne is internationally recognised as one of the world’s best universities under 50 years’ old. Swinburne ranked number 45 in the 2019 QS University Rankings Top 50 Under 50, number 81 in the 2019 THE Young University Rankings, and is ranked in the top three per cent of universities worldwide by the Academic Ranking of World Universities 2018.

Swinburne’s commitment to high-quality teaching is what makes them educational leaders in science, technology, innovation, business and design. The 2019 Good Universities Guide has awarded Swinburne five-star ratings for their teacher to student ratio, and for the overall quality of the educational experience.

The Hawthorn campus boasts state-of-the-art facilities featuring the latest digital 4.0 technologies. Students also have exposure to high-impact global research, with Swinburne ranked ‘well above’ world standard in sixteen fields of research in the 2018 ERA Research Excellence Rankings.

Courses at Swinburne are developed in consultation with industry experts meaning students graduate with the skills and experience employers are looking for. Swinburne’s reputation for producing in-demand, industry-ready graduates is highly regarded. More than 80 per cent of Swinburne graduates find jobs within four months of finishing their course (Graduate Outcomes Survey 2016-2018).

With 18% of its student population coming from overseas, Swinburne prides itself on being a university that embraces diversity and actively promotes an environment that is inclusive for all.

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University ranking

Academic Ranking of World Universities



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Graduate outcomes

Swinburne has a long list of successful alumni, from Garth Davis, Director of Academy Award-nominated film Lion, to Dimity Hawkins, co-founder of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, winner of Australia’s first Nobel Peace Prize.

One factor that sets Swinburne graduates apart from the rest is that they are equipped with not only the theoretical know-how, but also the hands-on industry skills and experience that employers look for. More than 80 per cent of Swinburne graduates find jobs within four months of graduating (Graduate Outcomes Survey 2016-2018).

Today, Swinburne graduates are spread around the globe and work for some of the most dynamic organisations from start-ups and not-for-profits to multinationals such as IBM, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Siemens, National Australian Bank and Mercedes-Benz.

Graduate success

Angelyn Tan Ee Ding

Head of Sales (Google Cloud), G-Asia Pacific Sdn Bhd

Bachelor of Business (Marketing),Malaysia

Angelyn Tan Ee Ding is creating a career in cloud computing, at the forefront of technological innovation. What she enjoys most about her role is assisting clients in the digital transformation of their business. The role has also brought exciting opportunities, including attending the Google Next conference in San Francisco for three consecutive years. She says that with more businesses adopting cloud technology, it is a great time to be in the industry.

Angelyn believes Swinburne helped her prepare for a career in cutting-edge technology. She says her degree encouraged her to think creatively, something that now comes naturally to her in both work and life.

What’s new

Australia’s first joint Master of Architecture and Urban Design

“This course was designed in collaboration with industry and local government to meet the growing need for design professionals who are skilled in working at multiple scales and in many formats and media, ranging from the building scale to whole cities and regions,” says Professor Jane Burry, Dean of Swinburne’s School of Design.

Innovation Precinct

Swinburne’s Innovation Precinct is where the university’s research and innovation capabilities combine to deliver projects with real-world impact. Its three pillars, the Factory of the Future, Digital Innovation Lab, and Design Factory Melbourne, are individual hubs where staff and students collaborate with industry, solve innovation challenges and produce commercial outcomes. It’s also home to the new Data for Social Good Cloud Innovation Centre, the first of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere.

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Championing Industry 4.0

Swinburne’s innovation and research hubs create real-word impact by making use of Industry 4.0 technologies such as simulation technology, autonomous robots, the Internet of Things, system integration, cybersecurity, additive manufacturing, cloud computing, augmented reality and big data.


How much will it cost?

Average tuition fees per year

A$34,720UndergraduateFees are for indicative purposes, check with institution for details

A$33,290PostgraduateFees are for indicative purposes, check with institution for details

A$23,850VocationalFees are for indicative purposes, check with institution for details

Living costs

A$21,041Living costs

A$16,952To live on campus

Scholarships & funding

If students have excelled in their previous studies, they could be awarded a Swinburne International Excellence scholarship or a Swinburne International Alumni Direct scholarship. Generally, the better a student’s academic results, the higher the scholarship amount.

Students are automatically assessed for these scholarships when they apply to Swinburne and no separate application form is required.

  • Foundation Year and/or UniLink Diploma scholarships: between AUD 2,500 – AUD 5,000 is available to eligible students who apply for a packaged Foundation Year and/or UniLink diploma with a bachelor’s degree.
  • Undergraduate scholarships: 10 per cent – 25 per cent off course fees, up to AUD 38,000 is available to eligible students who apply for a bachelor’s degree (excludes the Bachelor of Aviation and Piloting, and the Bachelor of Aviation and Piloting/Bachelor of Business double degree).
  • Postgraduate scholarships: 10 per cent – 25 per cent off course fees, up to AUD 21,000 is available to eligible students who apply for a two-year masters by coursework program. A fixed amount of AUD 2,500 is available to eligible students who apply for the Master of Information Technology (Professional Computing) and Master of Science (Network Systems)
  • Alumni Direct scholarships: 10 per cent – 25 per cent off course fees is available to eligible students who apply directly to Swinburne for an undergraduate degree (excludes the Bachelor of Aviation and Piloting and the Bachelor of Aviation and Piloting/Bachelor of Business double degree) or postgraduate degree if they already hold an undergraduate or postgraduate degree from Swinburne, or have recently completed a Swinburne pathway course.

In addition to Swinburne International Excellence scholarships and Swinburne International Alumni Direct scholarships, there is a range of Swinburne scholarships that are also available to international students, but these may require students to submit a separate application.

Discover scholarships

Swinburne University of Technology provides scholarship for students enrolling for the courses offered by them View all scholarships available

Department and Faculty

Teaching quality

With an 82.2 per cent rating for teaching quality and a five-star rating for both overall experience and student-to-teacher ratio (2019 Good Universities Guide), Swinburne students are some of the most satisfied:

“Having teachers that are truly engaged has made the course for me. Being taught by active, passionate, dedicated and successful writers has been inspirational. Not only do they show me my career possibilities, but they also give realistic and encouraging advice on how to succeed in the industry.”
– Julie Ahearne, studying Bachelor of Arts with a major in Professional Writing and Editing.

“Nothing has been out of reach since I transferred to Swinburne. I have endless opportunities here and it’s all thanks to the support systems available. The class sizes and individual attention you receive makes you feel valued and that your teachers genuinely care about helping you reach your goals.”
– Zenath Sadiqzai, studying Bachelor of Business with a major in Marketing

With a reputation for quality education and cutting-edge research, Swinburne attracts academics who are making a real-world impact through their research and teachers who bring their expert knowledge and industry experience into the classroom.

Teacher profile

Alan Duffy | Astrophysicist, Lead Scientist of the Royal Institution of Australia, Swinburne Associate Professor and Research Fellow

From black holes to the Big Bang, Associate Professor Alan Duffy is one of Australia’s top experts on all things galaxy-related. His research into dark matter and astrophysics has led to regular appearances in the media and on television, including shows like The Project and News Breakfast, to explain science in ways everyone can understand.

His ability to communicate complex scientific ideas and discoveries in an exciting and easy-to-understand way, won him the national 2018 Celestino Eureka Prize for Promoting Understanding of Science. It is the latest on an already impressive list of awards and accolades.

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Campus and facilities


  • Croydon Campus
  • Wantirna Campus
  • Hawthorn Campus
  • Sarawak Campus
  • Prahran Campus

Croydon Campus

Wantirna Campus

Hawthorn Campus

Sarawak Campus

Prahran Campus

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Student support

International Student Advisers

Living and studying in a different country can be challenging. That’s why Swinburne has a dedicated team of International Student Advisers available to help students with any issues they may experience. International Student Advisers are the first point of contact for students arriving at Swinburne and provide ongoing support on all issues, big or small, from advice on jobs and accommodation to help understanding visa and study obligations.

Facilities and services

The Hawthorn campus library offers students the space and resources for study outside of class. The campus also features 24-hour computer labs and quiet spaces for individual and group study.

Additional student services include:

  • Careers and employment
  • Counselling
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Accommodation
  • Financial advice
  • Learning and study skills
  • Legal advice

In focus: Health and wellbeing

If students are struggling with physical, emotional or mental health difficulties, whether related to their studies or life outside Swinburne, they can access the university’s comprehensive health and medical services. Students who may be experiencing family issues, stress, grief, loneliness, depression or other mental health issues can also access Swinburne’s counselling and psychological services.

In focus: Extra employability support

In addition to Swinburne’s Careers and Employability services, the university offers extra support to help international students boost their employability and become job-ready:

  • one-on-one career counselling
  • resources to create a successful CV and cover letter
  • feedback on job applications and LinkedIn profiles
  • Job Club to support each other’s employment-seeking activities
  • Information on working in Australia while studying
  • Regular career and employability events

Student safety

The safety and wellbeing of students is a high priority at Swinburne. The university offers a range of services to make sure students feel safe on campus, especially during late-night study sessions.

Night bus

Operated by Swinburne Security, the night bus can drop students off anywhere in the local neighbourhood to ensure they get home or to their transport safely.

Security officers

Swinburne Security officers patrol the Hawthorn campus day and night and can respond quickly to students with security concerns. They are also available to accompany students anywhere on or around campus.

Safe@Swin app

Safe@Swin is the official smartphone app of Swinburne’s Safer Community program. The app provides quick access to campus security officers, emergency contacts and Swinburne’s out-of-hours crisis line. It also features information on student support services, links to report a concern, personal safety tools and campus maps.

Safer Community

If students feel unsafe or threatened, or are concerned about the safety of others, they can report the situation to Swinburne’s Safer Community team, who are trained to provide support, intervention and risk management around problematic behaviour.


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