The 10 Best Zoho CRM Alternatives That Will Work Well for Your Business (2023)

Businesses that invest in a CRM solution are looking for a reliable tool that can be adapted according to their business needs.

While Zoho CRM has occupied the top ranks of CRM comparison lists for a long time, it isn’t the ideal choice for every business.

Every CRM tool has its pros and cons. What works well for one enterprise may end up being a waste of time and money for another!

Zoho may be one of the highest-ranking CRM tools, but there are chances that it may not work well for your business by either getting overly complicated or too limiting.

This is why you should prioritize your requirements over the tool’s rankings when choosing a CRM solution.

If you feel that Zoho CRM is failing to meet your business expectations, fret not!

Here are the ten best Zoho CRM alternatives that can produce better results for your organization with their advanced capabilities.

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What is Zoho CRM?

Zoho CRM is a popular contact management tool with customizable modules, tasks, and workflows. This CRM solution works ideally for businesses of all sizes by helping them grow their revenue with ease.

Some of the features that add to the functionality of Zoho CRM are:

  • Improved collaboration
  • Remote access to information
  • Connect with customers through multiple channels
  • Automation of processes
  • Business intelligence and analytics
  • Real-time notifications
  • AI sales assistant- Zia
  • Campaign Management
  • Zoho CRM email tracking


Zoho CRM offers a free version with basic features for up to three users.

If you find the Zoho CRM free features to be limiting, you can go for the paid plans, which include:

  • Standard: $14/user/month
  • Professional: $23/user/month
  • Enterprise: $40/user/month
  • Ultimate: $52/user/month

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Why Look for Zoho CRM Alternatives?

Even with its multiple advantages, Zoho sales CRM may fail to suffice your business needs.

In this situation, it is best to look for alternatives that can effectively deliver upon your requirements.

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Every business has different expectations from the implementation of CRM. There are a variety of reasons why you may need to look for an alternative to Zoho, including:

  • Budget Constraints
    A common reason why businesses look for Zoho CRM alternatives is because of the pricing plans. If you have a limited CRM budget, you should go for affordable options, such as BIGContacts, offering a broad range of features at prices lower than Zoho.
  • Internal Collaboration
    Inefficient communication within the organization can result in lost opportunities. If your team is having a difficult time collaborating with Zoho CRM, it’s best to look for an alternative with better collaboration features.
  • Getting a Better ROI
    If Zoho CRM’s ROI is not meeting your expectations, you can find alternatives that deliver a better ROI. For this, you need to consider the most promising options and choose one that checks all the boxes for you.

Go for a tool that beats Zoho lead management to help you gain more qualified leads and convert them to see an improved ROI.

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  • Ease of Usage
    If you find Zoho to be too complicated for your business, you can go for Zoho CRM competitors that have a user-friendly interface and can be easily integrated into your workflow.
  • Better Integrations
    While Zoho CRM does offer certain integrations such as Slack, MailChimp, GSuite, and Shopify, etc., it may not necessarily work well with your existing business tools.If you are looking for better alternatives to Zoho CRM email templates, you should look for a tool that offers better marketing capabilities.
  • A Drop in Customer Retention Levels
    If you see your customer retention levels taking a dip, maybe it’s time to rethink your customer service approach. Looking for a better alternative to Zoho CRM can help you retain more customers by delivering top-notch experiences.

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Essential Features to Look for in Zoho CRM Alternatives

CRM can streamline your workflow and help you make the most of your daily operations. For this to happen, you need a tool that works in perfect sync with your business.

While a lot of businesses stick with a generic tool, it is best to take your time to analyze your requirements and then choose a product.

If you find Zoho CRM to not be suitable for your business, considering the following features can help you find the best alternatives-

  • Scalability
    Your business will continue to expand with time. This is why it is a smart decision to invest in a scalable CRM from the get-go. Look for the features you need at the moment, but do not forget to keep your future needs in mind when choosing a CRM solution.
  • Customization
    Every business differs in its processes, needs, and objectives. Customization, therefore, plays a crucial role in determining which tool would be ideal for a business. CRM solutions that are flexible and can be modified easily should be prioritized. Go for a tool that allows you to customize workflows, fields, pipelines and include custom modules to improve the functionality of your system.
  • Integrations
    The CRM should offer advanced integrations such as social media collaboration or account management tools etc. Such integrations can help you manage multiple aspects of your business from a single platform.Choosing a CRM system with APIs can help you adapt it based on your existing business process. You can continue to work with your favorite business tools without worrying about it aligning with your CRM.
  • Usability
    Unnecessarily complicated tools will only hamper your operations and provide you nothing of value. This is why it is essential to pay attention to how easy and adaptable the software is before you invest in it. Consider the ease and duration of set-up when choosing the CRM. An intuitive CRM solution can increase the productivity of your organization by helping you save time and resources.
  • Remote Access
    You need to be able to access important information anywhere, anytime. This can help you stay better connected with the customers. Choose a CRM that allows you to view data from any device and helps you stay updated with new developments on the go. Mobile access can boost collaboration within the organization and help your business deliver a better quality of service.
  • Marketing and Sales Automation
    Designing and tracking campaigns through CRM can save time and money for your business. Automating sales and marketing processes can help you deliver better services and, consequently, make more profits.A CRM software with sales and marketing automation can help you save the time that is wasted in performing repetitive tasks manually. You can send emails, make calls, update data, track leads, follow up with prospects, and do a lot more with the help of a CRM tool.
  • Contact and Lead Management
    The most basic functionality of every CRM software is contact and lead management. It should allow you to keep track of all available leads and store important information related to them. This can help you personalize your correspondence, engage with them at the right time and ensure that more leads are converted into sales.
  • Sales Pipeline Management
    The sales CRM should help you manage all the opportunities in your sales pipeline. This includes reassigning leads that have gone cold, optimizing content based on the stage of the lead, and helping everyone stay updated with the position of the prospect.You should be able to customize your sales pipeline to include sales stages, commission splits, etc., to make the overall process more organized for your sales team.
  • Powerful Reporting and Analytics
    To make accurate decisions for your business, you need relevant insights. CRM reporting and analytics can help you obtain necessary information and make accurate forecasts for your business.You can keep track of your customers’ preferences, buying behavior, the performance of sales representatives, and the results of marketing campaigns with CRM analytics and reporting.

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Our Selection Criteria for the Best Zoho CRM Alternatives

To help you find the best CRM solution for your business, we have compared multiple CRM solutions. The criteria that we used to make the final selection included:

  • User Reviews: We have considered user reviews published on credible websites such as Capetrra and GetApp to get a better understanding of the product.
  • Ratings: The CRM solutions that we have considered are high-rated solutions with recommendations from previous users.
  • Pricing: The pricing of the alternative CRM solution should be comparable to Zoho CRM software. This is why we have included only competitively priced CRM solutions in this list.
  • Features: The CRM should offer a broad range of features that make customer relationship management significantly easier. Some of the essential features that we have considered include powerful integrations, call tracking and management, calendar, account management, marketing campaigns, sales pipeline management, etc.

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The Top 10 Best Zoho CRM Alternatives and Competitors

If you plan on switching to a more suitable solution for your business, here are the ten best Zoho CRM Alternatives that you should consider.

1. BIGContacts

BIGContacts by ProProfs is a powerful CRM tool with sales and marketing automation capabilities. It can be a powerful addition to your customer relationship management efforts with personalized interactions, powerful reporting, activity tracking, and helpdesk integration.

BIGContacts is one of the top-rated CRM solutions due to its simple design and customization. You can easily adapt the CRM system to your existing business processes and integrate it with your favorite tools like Office 365, Quickbooks, Skype, etc. This is an excellent substitute for Zoho sales CRM that can help you keep all your contact data organized and accessible on the go.

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Special features of BIGContacts:

  • Email templates
  • Social media tracking
  • Lead capturing
  • Automated marketing
  • Custom fields
  • Sales tracking


The annually billed pricing options for BIGContacts are-

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  • Big: $5/user/month
  • Bigger: $15/user/month
  • Biggest: $25/user/month
1. Uncomplicated and easy to implement

2. Delightful customer support

3. Customize according to your needs

4. Mobile access

5. Affordable pricing plans

1. Search feature can be made more intuitive.

2. Salesforce

Salesforce CRM is a leading solution for large-scale enterprises. This CRM solution is enhanced with the most advanced technology, including artificial intelligence. Salesforce CRM can help you maximize the sales productivity of your business by bringing all the vital information to one platform.

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Special features of Salesforce:

  • Cloud-based CRM solution
  • Personalized marketing
  • Automated tasks
  • Data-driven solutions
  • Scalable CRM


The annually billed pricing plans for Salesforce CRM are:

  • Essentials: $25/user/month
  • Professional: $75/user/month
  • Enterprise: $150/user/month
  • Unlimited: $300/user/month
1. Reporting feature is quite useful

2. Customizable dashboard

3. Reliable solution for large teams

4. Mobile (Android, iOS) access

1. It can become complicated for small businesses to manage

2. Needs proper training to get a hold of

3. EngageBay

EngageBay is a CRM solution that is free for up to 15 users. This tool offers a broad range of benefits, including workflow automation, email marketing, and contact management. You can use EngageBay to sync your mailboxes, assign tasks to team members and share information across teams easily. It can help sales and marketing teams collaborate to get access to better leads and convert them into customers.

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Special features of EngageBay:

  • Pipeline management
  • Schedule activities directly from the CRM
  • Activity tracking and follow-ups
  • Automated processes
  • Easy user interface


The annually billed pricing plans for EngageBay CRM are:

  • Basic: $11.99/user/month
  • Growth: $39.99/user/month
  • Pro: $63.99/user/month
    1. Visual, detailed reports

    2. Automation of repetitive tasks like data entry

    3. Marketing integration

    4. Lead scoring and nurturing

    1. Limited templates

    2. Training modules have scope for improvement

4. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a CRM that can help you close in on promising leads and convert them into sales. It provides a detailed overview of all the sales opportunities available, helping you focus on high-priority tasks. You can customize it based on your existing process and make accurate forecasts.

Pipedrive is considered to be one of the best CRM solutions for small to medium-sized businesses due to its simple design.

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Special features of Pipedrive:

  • Email marketing integration
  • Comprehensive view of the sales pipeline
  • Connects easily with multiple business tools
  • Communication tracking


The annually billed pricing plans for Pipedrive CRM are:

  • Essential: $12.50/user/month
  • Advanced: $24.90/user/month
  • Professional: $49.90/user/month
  • Enterprise: $99/user/month
1. Automation of administrative tasks

2. Data security and regular backups

3. Actionable insights

4. Follow-up reminders

1. Hangs sometimes when working with large data volume

2. Some features are limited and not suitable for large teams

5. Hubspot

Hubspot can be a suitable alternative to Zoho CRM if you want a cost-effective and simple solution. The basic features of this tool are available for free without any limit on the number of users. Another significant advantage of Hubspot is its interface. The simple design makes it possible to access important information at the right time.

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Special features of Hubspot:

  • Pipeline Management
  • Opportunity tracking
  • Ticketing system
  • Customizable reporting dashboard


If you do not find the free version to be meeting your requirements, you can go for the paid versions of Hubspot CRM.

  • Starter: $45/month
  • Professional: $1,600/month
  • Enterprise: $4,000/month
1. Design is clean and intuitive.

2. Universal inbox connecting multiple channels

3. Effective lead management

4. Marketing campaign management

1. The overall cost significantly increases as you include more features

2. Does not offer lead generation tools

3. You will have to connect it with other Hubspot tools for more efficiency

6. Insightly

The 10 Best Zoho CRM Alternatives That Will Work Well for Your Business (7)

Special features of Insightly:

  • Custom modules, fields, workflow
  • Easy collaboration
  • Lead routing
  • Mobile application


The pricing plans offered by Insightly are:

  • Plus: $29/user/month
  • Professional: $49/user/month
  • Enterprise: $99/user/month
1. Workflow automation for increased productivity

2. Customize your dashboard to include the most relevant data

3. Data safety and security

4. Track milestones easily

1. No option for notifying within a task or activity

2. Some integrations need improvement

7. Freshworks

Freshworks CRM is a suitable alternative to Zoho CRM for businesses that require a comprehensive solution to juggle multiple tasks. The tool is powered by AI and offers a broad range of features that make contact management easier.

You can use Freshworks to access detailed contact profiles, generate custom reports, or run marketing campaigns. It also has lead generation, prioritizing, and nurturing capabilities.

The 10 Best Zoho CRM Alternatives That Will Work Well for Your Business (8)

Special features of Freshworks CRM:

  • Automation of repetitive tasks
  • Visual sales pipeline
  • A complete view of customer journeys
  • AI-enabled CRM


The pricing model of Freshworks has the following three tiers-

  • Growth: $29/user/month
  • Pro: $69/user/month
  • Enterprise: $125/user/month
1. Engage with contacts directly through the CRM

2. Personalized emails

3. Easy to use

4. Quick onboarding and implementation

1. Not the best solution for large enterprises due to limited functionality

2. Customer support is not up to the mark

8. Bitrix 24

Bitrix24 CRM is a popular alternative to Zoho CRM software if you require a free solution. This CRM tool offers sales tracking, task management, marketing automation, and telemarketing features. This is one of the most suitable solutions for beginners or small enterprises looking for the basic elements of CRM.

Bitrix24 also makes internal collaboration considerably simpler. You can use this tool to create a custom workflow, manage tasks and documents, or schedule meetings.

The 10 Best Zoho CRM Alternatives That Will Work Well for Your Business (9)

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Special features of Bitrix24:

  • Real-time alerts and notifications
  • Email marketing
  • Easy import and export of data
  • Mobile application


If the free version of the CRM is too limiting for you, you can go for any of these pricing options:

  • Basic: $34.30/month for 5 users
  • Standard: $69.30/month for 50 users
  • Professional: $139.30/month for unlimited users
1. Task and project management

2. Improved internal collaboration with a company workspace

3.Sales intelligence

4.Remote working

1. Navigation is a bit difficult initially

2. Some widgets slow the performance of the tool

9. Zendesk Sell

If you are looking for a sales CRM solution that can boost the productivity of your sales team and help you garner more revenue, Zendesk Sell can be a great option.

This CRM solution provides access to all the relevant data in one place, making it easier for your sales team to convert more leads. Zendesk Sell also helps log calls, track emails and make forecasts. You can customize dashboards, manage the sales pipeline and visualize data to make better decisions.

The 10 Best Zoho CRM Alternatives That Will Work Well for Your Business (10)

Special features of Zendesk Sell:

  • Easy to implement
  • Lead prospecting
  • Multiple integrations
  • Automation of processes


The annually billed pricing options offered by Zendesk Sell are:

  • Sell Team: $19/user/month
  • Sell Professional: $49/user/month
  • Sell Enterprise: $99/user/month
1. Less time spent on repetitive tasks like data entry

2. Custom sales pipeline

3. Pre-existing and custom application

4. Powerful sales automation

1. Dashboard is a little complicated, making it difficult to find what you are looking for

2. The phone app lacks some integrations

10. Nimble

Nimble is the best CRM solution if you need a tool that helps in making comprehensive profiles for every contact by collecting data from multiple sources such as Gmail or any social media platforms. Nimble lets you take charge of your data by providing centralized access and helping your team communicate with ease. You can use it to optimize your sales process and monitor your team’s progress.

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Special features of Nimble:

  • Contact and lead management
  • Social media integration
  • Advanced searching capabilities
  • Marketing integrations


The CRM tool has a paid Nimble Business version starting from $19.user/month (paid annually).

1. Automatically updates data, so you do not miss out on important information

2. Custom sales pipeline to help you manage sales processes better

3. Office 365 and GSuite integrations

4. Segment users easily

5. Email templates

1. Mobile app has limited features and functionality

2. Interface can be made more user friendly

Choosing the Best CRM Solution – the First Step Towards Business Growth!

You can only find the best CRM tool for your business by keeping your business objectives in mind. While multiple tools are available, you need to go with the most suitable solution to see actual results.

When choosing from various Zoho CRM alternatives, make sure you know which features to prioritize to get the best results out of your customer relationship management efforts.

Our best pick: The best CRM for startups is BIGContacts, offering a comprehensive range of features at affordable prices. This tool is highly suitable for startups and small to medium-sized businesses due to its clutter-free design and short learning curve.

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You can go for a free trial of these CRM tools before committing to any. Seek feedback from your team members and compare these tools against your requirements to find the most suitable alternative to Zoho CRM.


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