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Let’s dig into two kinds of cool Minecraft builds – both the complex and the simple. In this article, you’ll get some of each. You’ll see 20 great, ambitious projects in our list, and we paired each one with a simpler, fast build of the same item.

There are so many cool things to build in Minecraft, like sky bases, storage rooms, underground cities, volcanoes, survival houses, and fun pagodas. You can even build different cities (port cities, underground cities, fantasy towns) and incredible bases (floating bases, underwater bases, and mountain bases).

Minecraft players are some of the most intensely creative people in the world. Below, you’ll see a mob-busting list of the best Minecraft builds, with a video tutorial to help you build each one. Get ready to give the evokers, ravagers, and pillagers the slip with our roundup of the coolest Minecraft building ideas on the web.

1. Volcano Minecraft build

Earthquake, lava, action! You can build an awesome volcano that’ll wow your Minecraft server, red-hot magma included. You can make yours from scratch if you want, but if you start with a pre-made mountain instead, the hardest part of your work is already done. You can create yours in the middle of the ocean or

near your existing builds


2. Castle Minecraft build

Who doesn’t want to build a cool medieval castle? This build will take a significant time investment, but it comes with an inner keep, outer wall, town, catapults, and everything else you need to keep the griefers out. Don’t have days to make this medieval Minecraft house? Try a

simple castle build instead


3. Ship Minecraft build

Run up the Jolly Roger and roll out the cannons! It’s easier than you’d think to build a majestic medieval ship in Minecraft. This one boasts 3 masts, a poop deck, and a huge cargo hold below. The luxury stateroom is an added bonus. You can

build a simpler ship

in just 15 minutes.

4. Floating base Minecraft build

Straight out of Avatar or Marvel’s Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, your own floating base puts you high above the clouds in an airbender’s paradise. This simple wooden survival base can get you started in the Minecraft world in style. Or you can go the deluxe path with an entire

floating castle


(Video) TOP 10 Redstone Builds of 2021! [Minecraft]

5. Skyscraper Minecraft build

Build a futuristic skyscraper that looks like it was designed by I.M. Pei. This skyscraper’s open concept lets you choose whether to build a base inside, a farm, an apartment building, or use it as part of a city. Build an easier skyscraper fast with a

much simpler video tutorial


6. Mountain base Minecraft build

What’s safer than a mountain base? This survival base has its own crop field, storage, villager trading hall, sleeping area, brewery, and smelting furnace. Plus, it’s all carved from an existing mountain, making it easier to build than you’d think. Want a simpler route to the “most safest base in Minecraft?” See this

secret mountain house tutorial


7. Mansion Minecraft build

For a woodland survival world getaway, why not build a massive, elegant spruce mansion? This rustic survival base has everything you’ll ever need, and you can build it from the trees already in your server. Stock it with your own library for lonely days. Here’s an

easier modern mansion build

to get you going fast.

8. Pyramid Minecraft build

Yes, you can build the Great Pyramid of Giza in Survival Minecraft. It’s massive and extremely safe. You’ll need to be independently wealthy to have enough time to make this one, but boy is it impressive. For a zippy build, try a

slightly smaller pyramid

with the best traps ever to create what may be the safest base in Minecraft.

9. Fantasy town Minecraft build

Want to build a beautiful Minecraft town worthy of Middle Earth? Start with rolling hills and a verdant forest, then add huts, houses, and halls fit for sharing mugs of malt beer and roast meat off the bone. To go full Tolkein, check out this much more elaborate

Minas Tirith build


(Video) 69 Goals To Aim For In Minecraft Survival

10. Bridge Minecraft build

If all you want to do is build a bridge in Minecraft to keep your boots dry, the video tutorial below will do the job. If you think you can construct a much bigger bridge, with no


or programs required, we have a

bridge in Brooklyn to sell you

. This is the actual Brooklyn Bridge, based on the real world span in the Big Apple.

11. Underground base Minecraft build

It doesn’t get much safer than a hidden underground base with a secret water entrance in a pond. As an added bonus, you’ll get a bedroom with a netherportal, and its own farm and mine entrance. For a much

simpler underground base

, skip the spinning rims and just dig, build, and hide your own underground house.

12. City Minecraft build

It’s time to crack those knuckles, warm up your mouse, and start building your own actual city. This build comes with skyscrapers, boulevards, beachfront hotels, apartment and office buildings, and high-rent townhouses. You can also

build an entire city

with nothing but a slightly hacked



13. Famous landmark Minecraft builds

What do Big Ben, the

Eiffel Tower

, the

Sydney Opera House

, the

(Video) 11 MUST HAVE Survival Farms In Minecraft

Empire State Building

, and the

Taj Mahal

all have in common? They’re all famous real-life landmarks you can build in Minecraft, using block-by-block video tutorials. For an easy landmark build, put on your thinking cap and take a crack at the statue of

The Thinker


14. Underwater base Minecraft build

Lean back, rub your hands together, and laugh an evil cackle as you build an awesome underwater base, complete with an easy-to-follow tutorial. It’s elaborate and beautiful, with stunning window walls for amazing subsea vistas. Need to do this on your lunch break? See this

simple underwater base

– more of an underwater house.

15. Underground city Minecraft build

Do you have more than 300 hours to build a massive elvish underground city? Then it’s about time to dig in. But you need space – a whole lot of space. You also need to use a program called WorldPainter to create a huge custom cave. If you’d rather not dig quite that deep, you can stick to a smaller but still gorgeous

underground village


16. Treehouse Minecraft build

Deep in the forest, high above the ferns, you’ll build a getaway that would make an Ewok jealous. This unbelievable double treehouse has everything you need to live it up in the canopy, including storage rooms, a campfire area, and a lookout. If you don’t have lots of free time, try a

simple starter treehouse tutorial instead


17. Maze Minecraft build

One great way to stay safe and have a lot of fun is with a maze. You can

build a simple maze

quickly with just a few hedge blocks. In fact, there’s an

(Video) Minecraft: 5 Easy Redstone Builds To Impress Your Friends

easy way to build even elaborate mazes

in Minecraft. You can also build a custom maze by working block-by-block.

18. Japanese pagoda Minecraft build

If you’re interested in exploring a Japanese pagoda that transports you to another land, you can build a mythical tower that stretches to the sky. You need plenty of bricks and an eye for Far East design, but when you’re done, you’ll have a cute and fairly simple structure to be proud of. For an even quicker construction, try a

simple Japanese pagoda build


19. Bank Minecraft build

Banks are pretty easy to build in Minecraft, and thankfully there are plenty of tutorials for them on YouTube. You’ll build a decorative and beautiful stone edifice that’ll make a great addition to your city. Banks are good first-build projects, because they're small and relatively easy to do.

20. Lighthouse Minecraft build

You can build an automatic, working lighthouse in Minecraft that turns on when the sun goes down. Just pick a shore location, build a strong stone foundation, then raise your tower, block by block. Weary mariners will thank you. You can also

build an easy lighthouse

a lot faster.


There are so many cool Minecraft builds, including houses, bunk beds, tree houses, and even pixel art. Whether you’re working in survival mode or just PC gaming for fun, the list above will give you plenty of house builds, base ideas, and other great build ideas to help you continue enjoying your time in Minecraft.

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